Yours Truly…[Jonas Fanfic SEQUEL] Episode 22 PT. 2

[Amber stood, frozen completely. Caden stared back at her, a smile on his face, but a worried feeling in his head. Was she just going to stand there or…?] Joe: This….is…*blinks* Awkward? Caden: *laughs lightly* Amber: *walks to him slowly* Cay…? Is that….? Travis: …*shudders* I feel like I’m in a soap opera. Charlotte: *nudges him* Trav! Caden: *smiles* Yeah, it’s me. [Right after that left his lips, Amber embraced him in a tight hug. Caden hugged back, and felt warm drops of water spill onto his shirt and pulled away.] Caden: Whoa, Ambs…don’t cry. Amber: Don’t cry?! The hell, I thought you were dead! *continues to cry* Caden: *makes a face* Uh… *scratches his head* nevermind then… Charlotte: Caden? Caden: *turns around* Huh? Charlotte: How are you alive, exactly? Caden: *blinks, then looks at Travis, and back at Charlotte* Uhm…long story. ???: COFFEEEEEEEEE! [Everyone jumped at the sudden loud noise, and looked at Kevin, who had fallen on the floor.] Joe: …the fuck was that?! Caden: I have no idea. Amber: *walks to him and kneels down* What happened to him?! Travis: He’s drunk. Amber: DRUNK?! Caden: Yeah, but he wasn’t like that until we told him who the shooter was. Amber: And that is…? Everyone but her: Danielle. Amber: *eyes widen for a moment, then sighs* I had a feeling something was wrong with her… Kevin: *groans* Amber: *looks back down at him* Kevin? Kevin: *looks up at her, then gets a silly grin* AMBY!!! I LOVE YOUUUUU! *tackles* Amber