What Makes Gevalia Coffee So Special

What Makes Gevalia Coffee So Special

All of us like variety and it is especially applicable when it is something that we will drink everyday. Gevalia coffee comes in about 40 premium varieties and of all them there would always be that one flavor you will like.

Coffee beans from Gevalia are perfectly blended and are totally unique in taste. From 1853 when the company was founded in Gavle, Sweden, they have been able to maintain quality & standard of coffee produced and because of that have gained considerable international reputation. They have special roasting methods such as the Dark Roast which makes their coffee different from others.

A Kraft Foods subsidiary, the strategies used by the company to attract customers are also unique such as giving discount coupons, free gifts like coffeemakers, gift baskets, coffee mugs; sending samples to existing customer of the new flavors released in the market. Also, as part of their marketing tactics they introduce different flavors at different times as Pumpkin Spice at Halloween, in winter German Chocolate Cake, in summer they have Blueberry Creme or Pecan Torte in spring.

We can summarize popularity of Gevalia Coffee in three points:


Innovative marketing techniques
Excellent quality
Refreshing & strong taste


There are various flavors in which you can purchase Gevalia Coffee and can even explore flavors by origin, body or roast. Some of the flavors you can purchase are:


Peruvian Organic Roasts
Irish Creme
Traditional Roasts
Creme Brule
Raspberry Hibiscus


You can order online and the company home delivers coffee within a short interval with exceptional customer service catering to any problems that you may face with your purchase.


Article by Sam. PHD