What interesting things are packaged in Valentine gift baskets?

What interesting things are packaged in Valentine gift baskets?

If you are like me, the day after New Year’s Eve is when you start thinking about what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day. This year I think I might get her two nice big Valentine gift baskets.

Like many other folks, I have been aware of the gift basket phenomenon, but I have not had a reason to take a closer look at the baskets and the absolute limitless variety of items that are packaged in one of these baskets. I recently spent some time browsing the internet and eBay and I was positively amazed.

You can order a basket stuffed with massage oils and other massage items, but did you know that you can get baskets with bath soap, lip balm, body lotion, aromatherapy things, and other stuff from Bath & Body? One basket came packaged with pink grapefruit body lotion. There are gift baskets with nothing but Avon products. I guess women like smelly soaps and things like this. I don’t know about you, but if someone gave me a gift basket with soap in it, well, I wouldn’t exactly know what to think about that. Do I smell?

You can buy your lover a Victoria’s Secret gift basket. It includes a gift card she can use to purchase the panties that actually fit her, rather than the lacy pair included in the basket.

Since we are talking about naughty stuff, I found one gift basket that includes a “Naughty Journal”, whatever that is. Other baskets come packaged with nothing but romance novels.

Wine, tea, coffee, and champagne are popular gift basket items. For only 9 you can buy a basket containing a bottle of Dom Perignon. (Sorry, the Cristal gift basket is sold out.) What about beer, you ask? I did not find one single gift basket that contained any kind of beer–what a shame.

Food. How would you like a Valentines gift stuffed with cheese and crackers? (Hopefully not the smelly cheese.) You can get a gift basket with ice cream in it. One basket comes with a candy jar in the shape of a cupcake. Maybe the candy jar is to hold the chocolate.

Chocolate is so common, my informal survey found that 90% of the baskets come with at least one piece of chocolate. There are chocolate kisses, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, chocolate roses, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and every other type of chocolate thing imaginable. Even the basket stuffed with smelly bath soap had space for a few chocolate kisses. I think chocolate is the second most popular Valentine’s gift–roses are most popular.

There are baskets filled with many different types of roses. How many different rose “things” can you fit in a basket? There are real roses, of course, but there are also feather roses, roses made of bath soap, glass roses, gold plated roses, chocolate roses, candy suckers in the shape of roses, plastic roses, roses made of paper, and on and on and on…

By now, dear reader, I think you get my point. It is possible to get literally anything you want in a gift basket for your Valentine. Like I said earlier, I will be buying my sweetie two nice gift baskets on eBay–one of them with a stuffed teddy bear and a feather rose and heart made of chocolate. The other basket will be the one with the smelly bath soaps. I’m sure I’ll find the perfect basket, there are bound to be hundreds listed with delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. Why don’t you buy your Valentine gift baskets on eBay too?

Author Cedrick Laport writes about Valentine gift baskets at GiveValentineGiftBaskets.com. There you’ll find hundreds of different amazing and strange Valentine gift baskets listed for sale every day.