weaver 4

Miami Beach Police officer Eberle is shown here stopping his ATV to talk to a basket-weaver, and being given one of his products as a gift. He and the other cops routinely run the ID’s of anyone caught selling their wares without a license in the park, then tell them to leave or be arrested. Heck, they even do it to people who are just sitting there who aren’t selling anything, unless they have a dog or kids with them, or are over 60 years old. When they did it to me, I asked what law I was breaking by exercising my Constitutional right to sit in the park and read the newspaper while drinking my coffee. (I was there only because Starbuck’s had no available seats.) I was told, “You’re not breaking any law but the people paying upwards of 0 per night for ocean view hotel rooms across the street don’t want to look out their windows and see you here, so if you don’t leave, I’ll arrest you.” Anyway, this guy isn’t IDed or asked to leave. Maybe if I’d offered him a bribe not to violate my civil rights he would have let me stay there and finish reading the paper. (more)