Want to Make Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas But You Are Not Crafty? 8 Easy Gift Ideas Explained

Want to Make Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas But You Are Not Crafty? 8 Easy Gift Ideas Explained

Article by Suz Daykin

Homemade anniversary gift ideas are great if you are the crafty sort, but if your efforts look more like a child’s then you will probably think this option is not for you, but think again. Here are 8 easy gift ideas that you can make at home that you will be proud to give.

Anniversary gift baskets are a popular choice and something that can be easily made at home. You could theme the basket with gifts appropriate to their wedding anniversary; 1st is paper, 10th is tin, 25th is silver and gold for 50 years, every year has its symbol. Some years are difficult to find gifts for or at least difficult to find gifts that your couple would like so you could fill the basket with their favorite things; chocolates, wine, coffee and then wrap all the gifts in the appropriate color paper. To make your gift basket look as professional as possible you will want to put tissue paper or shredded paper in the bottom of the basket and then place your gifts on the top. Wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie a big bow on the handle. To wrap the basket in the cellophane place the basket in the middle of the wrap and then gather it all above the basket, secure it with a band and then tie a bow on the top. You can also buy bows ready tied if yours is not looking quite right!

Another addition to a gift basket or as a separate present is to make your own chocolate truffles, they are very tasty and so easy to make, even small children can make them – more gets eaten than made into truffles. All you will need is 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, 1/4 cup double cream and 8oz dark chocolate plus cocoa to decorate. Melt the butter, add the chocolate and cream, stir over a pan of simmering water until all has melted together. Pour into another bowl and place in the fridge to set. When it has use a melon scoop or spoon to take small truffle sized amounts and then drop into the cocoa to cover. Place into a gift box or basket and keep in the fridge until you need to give your gift.

Any type of baking works great as homemade anniversary gifts, cookies, cakes, pies but if you are not so good at baking then you can buy mixes to create the same or buy ready made goodies and then repackage them as your own! Naughty but who will know? A little extra decoration or cookies dipped in chocolate will add to the gift!

Sewed samplers are an old fashioned and personal gift, you can sew the names of the couple and the dates of their marriage, this can then be attached to a cushion or framed as a gift. A simple one is not too hard to complete you can buy kits from craft shops that will have everything you need or you can buy material with the holes in that you can mark out in pencil and then sew the names and dates on top.

If sewing is not your thing but you have family and friends that love to sew why not organize them into making a personal quilt. They can all do little bits and then come together to finish it. Your job will be to persuade them to do it, and probably cut the material ready for quilting. This is a very time consuming gift so you will need lots of time to have it ready for the anniversary celebrations.

Homemade anniversary gifts can also be plants and flowers, if you are green fingered you could nurture plants from seed or grow the bouquet of flowers for your anniversary.

With the wonders of modern technology you can bring back to life old black and white photos, discover old cine film and even more recently move video to DVD.

Put together a scrapbook of the wedding years so far – it could be pictures of all the houses that they have lived in or a picture from every year or if the wedding pictures are not in an album this could be your opportunity. You can buy scrapbooks ready to use or make one with card pages tied together with ribbon.

Whatever you choose for your homemade anniversary gifts they will be very special, taking the time to create something for a loved one is always worth it.

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