Valuable Last Minute Gift Ideas

Valuable Last Minute Gift Ideas

Article by Jeff Melvin

Christmas is the same day every year, but it always seems to sneak up on you. If you find yourself needing last minute gift ideas, try these.

Pictures: If you need a last-minute gift for a family member, pictures are the ticket. If you don’t have a formal portrait, that’s okay. Make a collage of informal snapshots taken throughout the year and put them in a nice frame.

As a variation, you can take a photo of a child or grandchild; mount it on a colored piece of scrapbooking paper (don’t use construction paper because it will fade) and add fingerprint people or hand prints (if the child has small enough hands) around it. Put the year on it. You can even start a tradition and create one each year as keepsakes.

Food: Bake delicious cookies, bread, cakes or other treats. Wrap them in colorful cellophane and attach a card with the recipe to it. You can even bake the treats, put an extra batch of the dry ingredients in a decorative jar, and attach the recipe. (This way they can enjoy it now and make more later.)

Gift cards: Giving cash is a cop-out, but a gift card can show a good deal of thought. You can get gift certificates for restaurants, books, tools and anything else that strikes the fancy of the one you are buying for. To make things even easier, some stores (such as Wal-Mart and grocery stores) sell gift cards for numerous merchants – one stop shopping for you!

Spices: Not quite the same as baking treats, selecting spices as a gift can make a gift quite personal and unique. You can assemble different sets for people who love to grill, people who love hot and spicy foods, people who love sweets – any taste can be catered to. Attaching recipe cards is a nice touch, as well.

Charity: If you know of someone who truly loves a certain charity, you can make a donation in their name to their favorite charity. (This is best coupled with another small gift, and should only be done if you really know the person will appreciate the thought.)

Gift baskets: Gift baskets are easy to assemble and are as expensive or inexpensive as you want them to be. Put popcorn, some small sodas (or other beverages) and a movie rental gift card for a Movie Night Basket. You can put together seeds, gardening tools and gloves for someone who loves gardening. Wrap spices, seasonings, oven mitts and wooden spoons for someone who loves to cook or bake. Coffee mugs and coffee, along with flavored syrups, are perfect for the coffee lover. Use your imagination and pick up 5-10 items that would go well together. Be sure to pick out a well-made, decorative basket – the basket itself is a gift, too.

These are just a few ideas for last minute gift ideas. It is smart to have some of these on hand for people who unexpectedly give you a gift (which happens every year).

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