Using a Promotional Executive Gift Basket

Using a Promotional Executive Gift Basket

Article by Matt Douglas Smith

Why should you consider using a promotional executive gift basket? There is a very old-fashioned saying about the way to “reach a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but this is a somewhat sexist approach to the matter. After all, a woman is just as likely to find a basket of gourmet cookies or a wonderful array of picnic foods just as appealing as a man!

The most common contents of a promotional executive gift basket tend to be delicious foods, and this is the main reason to consider using them to make a thorough impression on any potential client or customer.

Before just choosing any promotional executive gift basket, however, it does pay to consider if it is in line with your company’s general look or tone. For example, a gourmet cookie basket might not be the savviest choice from one technology executive to another. Instead, it might be a bit wiser to send over something containing more “serious” foods such as smoked salmon or gourmet nuts.

Of course, there are some standard options that can be viewed as always being a “safe” choice. For instance, bags of imported coffees are entirely appropriate for any business setting, and anything that is easily shared with the entire office is a sound choice too.

As stated earlier, however, it is a good idea to make choices that you feel are somewhat in tune with the general impression you want your company to give. If you are a whimsical and somewhat laid back company then a basket of cookies or candies is entirely appropriate. If you are more formal and traditional, then an office party basket full of pre-wrapped snacks is the better option.

The final thing to remember is that the name of your company must appear clearly in the literature in order to be sure that the “message” is received.

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