Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Unique Gift Basket Ideas

Article by La Tunya Sifford

The traditional gift basket is typically full of fresh fruit, dry goods like tea, crackers and jam, or a combination thereof. You can be more creative. When assembling a gift basket consider the occasion. Also consider the individual or group to whom you’re giving the basket. What are their interests? What do they like? What do they dislike? You don’t necessarily have to limit your gift basket contents to foodstuffs, either. If you’re father’s an avid golfer, a golf-related gift basket, full of golf balls, tees and the like, might be ideal for father’s day.

The concept of the traditional, food-related gift basket is far from exhausted, however. Giving a gift to a wine lover? How about putting together a wine-lover’s gift basket, including a couple of carefully-chosen bottles of wine, cheese and crackers that complement the wine, one of the ingenious new-style corkscrews that anyone can operate effectively 100 percent of the time, and maybe a gadget for re-sealing the wine bottle. All of this can be orchestrated into a picnic basket, complete with a blanket to sit on.

Is your best friend getting married? This may be the place to experiment a little. Mix in appropriate gadgets for a couple just starting out in their life together, some foodstuffs such as fine coffees or teas that both of them will appreciate, and perhaps a gag item or two, to personalize the basket with a shared inside joke.

When that same best friend and their spouse are having a baby, a baby-themed gift basket is sensible. Pepper it with practical items, but also garnish with some toys that will appeal to the new baby. Make them something that parents will approve of by choosing toys with some educational value. This shouldn’t be too hard with newborns, as they are learning basics like recognizing shapes and colors.

Corporate events call for a certain level of decorum and higher restraint than one intended for your best friend. For teams, a selection of coffees and teas may be a good choice. For individuals, again think of their specific interests, but always keep appropriateness and the culture of the particular office in mind. For example, in some offices it may be appropriate to give gifts that include alcoholic beverages such as wine or champagne, in others, perhaps not. Generally, avoid shared inside jokes in corporate baskets, as this is a very public context.

The number of women who don’t like chocolate is vanishingly small, whereas the number of women who crave chocolate is substantial. Thus when putting together a gift basket for a woman, a selection of gourmet chocolate may be ideal. Again, if she has specific interests, cater to them. If your aunt knits sweaters, a selection of knitting yarns and tools might appeal to her. If your sister has an acute sense of smell, a potpourri or aromatherapy-themed basket might be your best bet.

Remember, gift baskets don’t have to be collections of fruit or foreign cheeses. Consider the context and the recipient, and be creative!

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