Travel Mugs And a Coffee Cake Makes a Unique Valentines Gift

Travel Mugs And a Coffee Cake Makes a Unique Valentines Gift

Article by J Zande

There is something very appealing and tasty that you can enjoy in the morning, afternoon, or evening. It does not have to be breakfast time to indulge in a delicious piece of coffee cake. The finest selling gourmet coffee cake is made with the best ingredients and taste just as yummy or better than a homemade cake. Why bake? You can order from a selection of traditional cakes that can stay fresh on the counter for up to a week. If you cannot eat an entire coffee cake in a week (is that even possible?) you can freeze part of the cake for up to two to four months.

What makes this coffee cake taste delicious? It is made without any trans fat, it does not contain any artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or preservatives. And, the cake varieties are numerous. Irresistible flavors and each cake offers 10-12 servings. You can enjoy the Traditional Cinnamon Walnut, Apple Walnut, Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Chocolate Walnut, Lower Fat Cinnamon Walnut, No Walnuts, and there is a Kosher Cake to name just a “few” of the varieties.

A coffee cake gift basket is the perfect gift to give to someone special with Valentine’s Day approaching. Imagine receiving a lovely wrapped gift basket with bold red glazed travel mugs and a scrumptious cake. A personalized greeting card enclosed and you have made someone you love very happy with this extraordinary gift.

What are bold red glazed travel mugs? Travel mugs are the perfect way to drink your hot beverages “on the go”. And, bold red mugs are not the only color that is available! There are high quality travel mugs that also have trendy metallic finishes, ceramic, jeweled ceramic, leather wrapped, and are available in an assortment of colors. Travel mugs can keep your beverages hot from two to five hours depending on the design. If you soak the travel mug in warm water prior to filling it will help keep the beverage warm longer!

No spill travel mugs fit into most car holders, are dishwasher safe, and keep your favorite beverage warm for you to sip and handle while driving. The spill proof lids are also great when sitting at your desk.Should you happen to “tip” the mug you do not need to worry about those important papers getting coffee spills on them!

A perfect match is a slice of delectable cake and your favorite hot beverage to take to work in one of your travel mugs for your coffee break. You may want to bring the entire cake and share with your co-workers for them to also enjoy!

About the Author

J Zande is a freelance writer who is ordering from Coffee Cakes a wonderful and unique gift basket as thank you to someone special. The Custom Traditional Coffee Cake Sampler is her choice for the gift. Customizing the gift basket there will be useful and colorful ceramic travel mugs added with the coffee cake sampler. Coffee Cakes will enclose a personalized card and ship the gift. What an easy way to shop and a lovely way to thank someone for their kindness!