Top 5 Gifts For Valentine’s Day You can Afford

Top 5 Gifts For Valentine’s Day You can Afford

Article by Harrison Fray

Valentine’s Day is synonymous to chocolates, red roses, pink and red stuff such as balloons, shirts and other giveaways to the ones you love. During V-day, people become sweeter and more thoughtful because this is the day we also call Hearts Day which pertains to love.

So what would you give to the ones you love during Valentine’s? Should your gifts cost a lot in order for them to remember you on V-day?

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you plan on giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your family and friends just because you care. You will and you can find gift items that are inexpensive and still thoughtful in every way.

Here are the top 5 inexpensive gifts for V-day:

(1) Chocolates

You will never go wrong with chocolates especially during Valentine’s Day. Even if you only have less than , you can get chocolates and receive a sweet smile from the recipient.

If the recipient has a specific preference such as the love for dark chocolates or chocolates with almonds or white chocolate with pistachio, you will find a box or two in the local grocery. For gourmet chocolate lovers, you can go online and search for a nearby store or have it delivered door-to-door for a small fee.

Most of the time, during Valentine’s Day, chocolate manufacturers bring out their special editions to match the occasion. So it’s good to grab those too for your family and friends, or for your sweetheart.

(2) A bouquet of assorted flowers or roses

Give a bouquet of roses to your sweetheart or assorted ones to family members. It’s best to go directly to your local flower shop and buy a few dozen. If you can arrange the flowers by yourself the better, because this can cut down the total cost of the flowers. For around or less, you will find a seller who might offer you a good bargain when you buy in bulk.

(3) Boxes of brownies and cookies

You will always find someone who sells something on the net or in your neighborhood. Target those home-based sellers of classic pastries in a bag or box and order a few dozens for your family and friends. Most of these sellers would not price their products too high because they only operate at home. If you can find a pastry and chocolate seller, the better for your budget and efforts. You may ask for a discount if you will buy a few boxes of her/his products.

(4) A mug-full of tea/chocolate/coffee samplers

You may find this personalized mug of instant beverage mixes online for a fairly low price. Or go to your nearest coffee shop and see if they are offering a Valentine’s Day gift combo for the coffee/tea/chocolate lover.

(5) Personalized red wines

For a more personal touch, you can find personalized wines on the net where you can add a message, put the name of the recipient or simply say those three words on the wine labels. You can possibly get 2 bottles of good red wine from a local vineyard for less than and have them boxed and delivered to your doorstep.

Some folks dread occasions such as Valentine’s Day because of its accompanying expense. But there are many gift items that you can give away without hurting your pocket. The keys are buying in bulk and choosing gifts that can make the recipient/s smile and feel appreciated.

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