Tips for Choosing Unusual Wedding Favors

Tips for Choosing Unusual Wedding Favors

Tips for Choosing Unusual Wedding Favors 

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life, and one you will want your guests to treasure as well. Wedding favors are small tokens that your guests can take home to remember your special day in a unique way. While you want your wedding favors to be special to each of your guests, a large wedding crowd can quickly break the bank. To ensure your wedding favors are as memorable as they are affordable, many couples opt for unusual wedding favors that will provide one-of-a-kind keepsake of your celebration. We have tips to help you choose unique and unusual wedding favors that all of your guests are sure to love.

Choosing around a Theme

Does your special day have a theme? Perhaps you have planned a celebration on a beach or a fall wedding in the country. If your wedding is a themed event, finding wedding favors that tie in with that theme will add the perfect touch. For example, fall weddings might include scented leaf-shaped soaps or candles, or a fall cookie cutter ensemble. Beach weddings might offer shell-shaped dishes or sailboat tealight holders. These small trinkets won’t cost much, but they will certainly remind your guests of that special event with a token in the spirit of the day.

Edible Favors

Another popular type of wedding favor is the edible kind, whether you give candy, cookies or a selection of nuts. For something a bit more unusual, how about a bottle of gourmet barbecue sauce or flavored honeys? You could choose fare that is unique to the area where you are getting married, so folks from out of town can enjoy a taste of the region after the celebration has passed. Personalized food gifts are another fun choice, with printed chocolate bar wrappers or mint tins commemorating your day.

Outdoor Weddings

If you will be holding your ceremony outdoors, stick with the al fresco theme by giving garden wedding favors. Birds, flowers and watering cans come to mind as charming themes that could be incorporated into any number of gift ideas. Butterfly baskets or votive holders are another breezy choice for an outdoor celebration. And make sure you wrap up your trinkets in flower adorned boxes or bags that will make a lovely addition to your outdoor reception tables.

Drink to your Union

Coffee, tea and wine also make nice options for wedding favors, whether you go with unusual teacups or wine stoppers, or provide samples for tasting. Bottle stoppers can be found in nearly any theme or style, so you are sure to find a design and price range that suits you. Coffee and tea gifts may come in scented candles, teabag caddies, or coffee and tea samplers. You can purchase bags of coffee or tea printed with the information about your wedding so guests have a keepsake of the day as well.

The right wedding favors can provide a keepsake for your guests and offer you the opportunity to thank everyone for coming in a unique way. The right favors will be memorable and appreciated long after your special day has passed.

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