Three E-Liquid Reviews, Coffee, Choc Cake, & Tea, from

Three E-Liquid Review, Coffee, Choc Cake, & Tea, from Cup Of Coffee was one of the Best I have ever vaped in a coffee flavor, being extra creamy, with a nice sweetness. you really taste the cream, along with a nice coffee flavor that is out of this world, and having a good throat hit with plenty of vapor. XM also Loved this flavor. Chocolate Cake was the least of my favorite of the 6 liquids we reviewed, it vaped well with a throat hit, and vapor, but was not my type of Chocolate flavor, too mild for me, but XM liked it, said its not bad! Cool Green Tea has a real green tea flavor with being a clean refreshing vape,would be a great morning vape,has nice vapor, but Lacking on the throat hit with XM agreeing on that with me.Flavor is in the taste of each individual, subjective, what I like, or dislike you may feel the opposite of, that’s why their are 3 ml sample bottles for you to buy, and try first. You are all invited to come Hang out on my show, so we can vape together, Saturday Nights at 10 PM eastern time and during week nights with our other hosts. We have shows 7 nights a week most starting around 9 PM eastern time, check the show schedule for changes. Any Questions? you can always email me at Vape On, and Fuhgeddaboudit, Smokie