Themes of Gift Baskets

Themes of Gift Baskets

Historically, baskets were hand woven with the material that can be found locally. Baskets were used to carry eggs and vegetables. People gathered food in the baskets and the hunters utilized them to store the catch of the day. Baskets were also used as saddle bags on horses and donkeys to carry food items and equipments.

During the middle ages, gift baskets gained wide popularity. Kings used to receive gift baskets containing gold, silver and jewels. Baskets filled with food items were transported as a symbol of grand celebrations. Later in nineteenth century, with the rail road system, it became convenient to send baskets even to the distant areas.

Firstly, the gift baskets were restricted to the food items or the flowers only. But with the passage of time, people came up with the new ideas and started creating gift baskets with respect to the recipient’s interests and hobbies.


In order to groom a themed gift basket, the presenter has to take a short analysis of the receiver.

• Firstly the analysis of the personality

• Interests and hobbies of the recipient

• Likings and what do he/she dislikes?

• What will suit him/her?

After the analysis, a person is able to decide about the theme of a gift basket and shop the items that go well along with the theme, portraying the passion and interest of the receivers thus leaving an everlasting impression.

A container or a basket is also picked up in accordance with the selected theme. These containers are very practical and are reusable. There is an array of containers or baskets which are considered and utilized with respect to the theme. These are:

• Basket of all shapes and sizes.

• Waste baskets

• Plastic bucket

• An ice bucket

• Flower pots

• Watering can

• Sports bag

• Canvas bag

• Storage box

• Bowls

• Tins

Gift baskets are wrapped with cellophane paper and tied with colorful nice ribbons to give it a finishing touch. A gift tag with a love note is added as a token of affection and care.


Gift baskets are usually based on certain themes which add in more charm and beauty. Themes are introduced to tailor a gift basket with respect to a certain occasion and the interests of the recipient. Also instead of using same old kind of baskets, different pots, containers, buckets and bag makes it more colorful and let them stand more unique among other gifts. Keeping in mind the passion of the receiver, variety of themed gift baskets are prepared which can be presented on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day and valentines day. These themes are:

• Pasta Lover Gift Basket is the pasta ingredients arranged in a basket. Often a large bowl is used as a basket which is filed with the packages of gourmet pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, fresh olives, garlic powder, oregano, basil and a jar of a gourmet sauce. It might contain non food items like favorite pasta recipes, pasta cookbook and napkins.

• Desert Gift Basket portrays the utensils and the favorite desert items of the recipient. Desert theme baskets are a popular choice for making gift baskets and holds verity of ingredients. Such baskets include chocolate fudge, sprinkles, chocolate chip, ice creams, chocolate sauce, small candies, decorating tools, wooden spoons, baking tools, a measuring cup, desert plates and a desert cookbook However usually these baskets are prepared according to the recipient needs who might be on a strict diet. For this purpose desert gift basket with low calories and high in tastes are designed.

• Bath Gift Basket is the basket filled with bath related products. Bubble bath, therapy oils, scrubbers, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions are often gathered to fill the baskets. Also candles, relaxing music CDs and a rubber duckling are used to add in more color and life.

• Spa Gift Basket is tailored to pamper the receiver.Spa gift baskets are always welcomed and a well appreciated gift. Main attractions of spa basket are bath salts, bath oils, massage creams, relaxation eye mask, scented candles, foot scrubbers, foot soaks, foot creams and nail brushes.

• Car Wash Gift Basket is the combination of car wash products. These products involve car wash soap, a towel, glass cleaner, an interior spray, car wax and a wax applicator which often arrives in a bucket leaving a practical impression.

• Gardener’s Gift Basket holds the goodies used for gardening purposes such as gardening gloves, vegetable and flower seeds, liquid fertilizers, hand tools, gardening book and plant markers. Usually a watering can or a plant pot is used for stuffing in these items which can later be utilized as well.

• Sports Gift basket is prepared in accordance with the recipient’s favorite sport which might be cricket, golf, hockey, boxing and tennis. Many ideas fall under this category:

* often a pair of tickets of the upcoming match in which the recipient is interested in is gifted along with a binocular, sun hats, a shirt, pair of socks, candies, pop corns, chips, a bag of peanuts and drinking cans.

* Person interested in golf are presented with sports bag stuffed with golfing gears, golf balls, golf rules book, golf club head covers, a pack of cookies and a mineral water bottle. Likewise boxing lovers receives accessories related to boxing which includes boxing gloves, head gears, mouth guards, body protector, boxing timer and a towel.

* T-shirts, hats, jerseys, pajamas, sweatshirts, wrist bands and head bands from branded stores also makes another type of sports gift basket.

* Sports lover gift basket also contains items like books on favorite sports personality, CDs of famous matches and tournaments, posters and pain relieving sprays.

• Pet Gift Basket is arranged with the items related to the favorite pet of the recipient. Favorite pet photo embossed coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, foot mats with the most admired pet’s image, pet grooming magazines, pictures and greeting cards makes a perfect treat for pet lovers. Pet bowls or pet beds are commonly used as a basket. Usually two kinds fall under this category:

* Dog Lovers Gift Basket is a basket containing amazingly delicious gourmet dog treats and pampered stuff. A special dog gift basket comprises doggie doughnuts, dog biscuits, bouncing balls to play, collar or a leash, dog shampoos and conditioners.

* Cat Lovers Gift Basket carries all the cat pampering stuff and food items such as gourmet cat treats, cat brush, a chew toy, a rope, glitter balls and a scratching post which is a real fun for cats.

• Grandparent’s Gift Basket is a special customized basket for grandparents loaded with small wonders which express love and care. A framed family picture, video of the family, warm cozy slippers, a lap blanket, favorite flowers and perfumes, children art work, candies, coffee or tea and a book, all combines to make a perfect gift basket for grand parents.

• Artist’s Gift Basket is designed for the art lovers which hold all the necessary items required by an artist. Paints (oil, water, and acrylic), papers or a canvas, brushes, markers, pencils, a sketch book, scissors and charcoal are the specialties of an artist gift basket which is commonly presented in a plastic container.

• Photographer’s Gift Basket is the arrangement of accessories related to photography. Preparation of such gift basket consider taking a camera bag which accommodates a lens cleaner, lens cloth, camera filters, films, picture frame and a photo album.


The incomparable tunes of the gift baskets which neaten them into such an awing talent to present are the themes based baskets which makes it extra stunning and magnetic. Receiver’s feelings are just unexplainable on receiving such baskets. Its preparation is not a difficult task and requires the ability and willingness to make something unique for the special ones. Creating and presenting themed based baskets conveys the message in the most adorable manner that is valued for life time. It makes the gift appear more beautiful and dazzling. A themed gift basket is for every one and leaves an everlasting impression.

Themed gift baskets can be customized to fit in with any occasion. An elegant gift basket facilitates you in meeting all the standards of selection. A gift basket containing large number of small items would be of more value than just a single gift item. Discovering the hidden wonders in the basket is something new and rejoicing which makes it a better choice among other gifts. Hence the primary attraction lies with the sign of goodies that can be gifted at the same period with glittering colors and packaging, taking no time in taking ones heart away.

Preparing a themed gift basket is as undemanding and comfortable as any target. Its fitting requires a bit of creation and perfect ideas to convey the content of love and mind in a striking way. Moreover there are varieties of themed gift baskets that can be ordered online. The service providers are displaying a wide range of classy themed gift baskets which are delivered at the door steps on the requested date and time. Themed gift baskets are more valued due to a collection of attractive features which hit them a wonderful gift to be presented.

Muhammad Saeed is a well renowned Gourmet Baskets designer. His work includes gift baskets design for fortune 500 firms such as Price Water House Coopers, Intel and other firms from technology arena. He also teaches at National Arts Institute of Home Design. He is a member of Chicago Chapter of Human Rights Watchdog.