Themed Easter Basket Ideas

HOSTESS BASKET Use a colorful T-towel to line a ceramic serving bowl that can be used as the container. Items to include: • Kowalski’s Italian Seasoning • Tomato-shaped ceramic salt and pepper shakers • Package of Mini La Panzanella Crackers • Heat safe silicone spoon • Mini Santoku Knife • Fresh Mozzarella • Fresh Basil Plant • Fresh tomatoes on the vine GIRL’S BASKET A classic Easter basket becomes the carrier for these great items that any little girl will adore: • Tutu • Matching knit hat with silk flower • Ballerina Bunny • Coin Purse • Finger Paint Bubble Bath • Wind-up Bunny • Spring Stickers • Kowalski’s Foil Wrapped Mini Chocolate Bunnies • Annie’s Bunny Grahams • Country Store Old Fashioned Taffy • Frosted Easter Egg Cookie • Frosted Bunny Cookie BOY’S BASKET A wooden wagon that can be used for creative play afterwards is the holder for a treasure trove of goodies: • Jelly Cat Bunny • Lake Pirate Sun Hat • Sunglasses • Annie’s Bunny Cookies • Jelly Belly Jellybeans • Bubble Bath • Books • Yo-yo • Wind-up Toys • Chocolate Easter Chick • Bunny and Egg Foil Gift Box Candy • Dark Chocolate Bunny • Handmade Lollipop • Dino Squirt Toy COLLEGE STUDENT Who wouldn’t want to get this in the mail when they were away at school? The ceramic popcorn bowl holds lots of fun for those study breaks: • Easter card with cash! • Kowalski’s Cheese Popcorn • Help in the Kitchen Cookbook • Peace Coffee • Pizza Cutter • Bananagrams Game • Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips • Larabar • Clif Bar
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