The Jonases and Me-A Fanfic-Chapter 17, Part 1

Warning:This chapter is a little disturbing. I would rate it PG-13. I’m sorry if it troubles you, but I’m just trying to make the story more realistic. Chapter 17-Trauma, Part 1 In my wildest dreams I would never have thought that I would be sitting in an emergency room at eleven o’clock that night. This is so scary. Brittany is in tears. We all are hoping and praying that things will turn out okay. It happened so quickly. We were all watching a movie at our suite, happily, like we always do. I could remember the smiles on all of our faces. “I feel kinda….dizzy….” There was a thump and blood spurted onto the floor. “Nick!” Brittany screamed, kneeling down by his side. “Someone call 911!” Kevin whipped out his cell phone and dialed the numbers. Tara and I helped Brittany put pressure on Nick’s forehead with some napkins to stop the bleeding in the cut he had gotten from hitting his head on the coffee table when he fell. Joe called Mama and Papa Jonas. Tears streamed down Brittany’s face, and Tara and I cried with her. Kevin came over once he got off the phone, picked Nick up, and put him on the couch. “Sarah, would you get a wet wash cloth for me? Tara, would you get some gauze and tape?” Brittany politely ordered. Tara and I ran to do as she asked. Kevin wiped a tear from his eye. Joe ran into the living area once he got off the phone. “Oh my gosh,” said Joe. “That gash is huge.” Brittany sniffled and Kevin patted her back. Brittany held the napkins to Nick’s head