the guy next door ep.3

(saturday morning) natalie: morning dad. dad: oh hey Natalie’s POV: i just love saturday mornings,im not a morning person and when it comes to saturdays its just lazy and chill. dad is making a cup of coffee and sitting on the couch watching tv.i go fix me a cup of coffee and sit beside him. then suddenly there’s a ring at the door. natalie: now who could that be? dad: omigosh probably Brendon! natalie: oh my! let me get the door! *opens the door and bombards justin with an enormous hug* i missed you soooo much!!! justin: wow really? natalie: wait.your too short and your voice is to young to be brendon,wait *pulls away* justin?!?!? justin: so you don’t miss me? natalie: what do you want? justin: i brought you a gift…and your dad. dad: who is it natalie? natalie: oh just some annoying solicitor that im clearly trying to get rid of!!! dad: *comes to the door behind her* oh hi! your pattie’s son! justin: uh yeah i guess… dad: come on in! make yourself at home,really, you may be here often. justin: *looks at natalie and smiles* yup thats right! natalie: uhh no! he is not going to be here often! he’s just going to make fun of how were less richer than him and act all hollywood and crap. justin: thats not true! dad: *trying to solve things* uhhhhh justin you want a cup of coffee or some donuts? justin: no thats fine,i had a pretty big breakfast. natalie: thats because you have some french cook to cook all your food. justin: no,my mom cooks my food or i make it,i don’t have