The Best Single Cup Coffee Models On The Planet

The Best Single Cup Coffee Models On The Planet

Article by Jacabo Jacobs

You’ve seen them advertised. Possibly you have even noticed one in an office or someplace else. There is a trend that has hit the coffee companies, while it may be small it still has quite the following. So what am I reffering to? Single serve coffee units, of course. This is what they are all about:

In essence, an one serve coffee unit does just what its name implies, it makes a single cup of coffee every time you press the button. More than likely you are thinking why any person in their right mind would want to make just one cup of coffee. Why not make a complete pot for each person to enjoy? The answer to this question is that every individual has a different taste. Each person likes their coffee made in a different way. Some people hate coffee therefore they will never drink any. They want to sip on a different type of hot beverage.

The 2 major firms that produce single serve coffee units are Keurig and Braun. Keurig manufactures the K-cup system, and Braun makes what is called T-discs. There is a wide variety of products in the systems, both K-cups and T-discs have prepackaged ingredients in them. There are all sorts of beverages to decide on from. If you want coffee, you can get anything from Starbucks blend to organic fair trade coffee from Africa. Good decaf coffee is also at your disposal. Coffee is not the only choice, but you can have other hot beverages as well. There are green, wulong, and black teas, quality hot cocoa, chai latte, and a dizzying variety of herb teas.

The real gain of acquiring one of these single serve electric coffee makers in a workplace is the option. If your headquarters has more than ten folks in it, I am sure that you will have an huge range of tastes. A huge pot of coffee use to be the usual thing to do. If you didn’t enjoy what was in the pot then you had to make a pot of coffee apart from what everyone else was having. With one of these systems, everybody can have what they like.

Of course, you will have to to get the tiny cups that fit in the makers separately. A good way to do this is by passing around a sheet and let everyone write down what they like to drink, be it coffee or another beverage. Ordering some of each kind will be much quicker. Another thing you can do is order what is called a “sampler pack”. There are a wide range of beverages in these packs so you can see which ones you like.

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