Take A Breath Ep. 49 “Breakfast”

Previously…… …. Well, I don’t quite remember… So…look it up if you wanna know : ) But enjoy!!! Sunday morning: After Nick’s call, Sallie decides to call Andrea to well…apologize… Andrea: (sleeping at Katy’s house) *hears her phone “Tell me how I’m supposed to breath with no air. Can’t—* Hello? Sallie: Hey… Andrea: Sallie? Sallie: Yeah, look, I just wanted to apologize. Andrea: For what? Sallie: For thinking you were being a big jerk and not realizing that you were just being a best friend. Andrea: Are you sleep talking? Sallie: *laughs* No! But Nick called me… Andrea: Ah, I see. I was wondering why you were up so early. Sallie: Anyways. What were you two up to last night? Andrea: Stuff… Why don’t we meet at Hunter’s CafĂ© for breakfast and we’ll chat the morning away. Sallie: Andrea, you say the weirdest things. But sure, ten o’clock? Andrea: We’ll be there. *hangs up* Hey, Katy! Katy: *mumbles in her sleep* Andrea: *sighs, then gets up and throws a pillow at Katy* Dork!!! Katy: *opens her eyes* What do you want!?! Andrea: Get up. We’re meeting Sallie at Hunter’s in half an hour. Katy: *gets up* You could be nicer. Andrea: *stares at her in shock* Katy: *stares blankly back* Yeah. You’re right, that was you being nice… Breakfast with the Jonas Brothers: Denise: So… *takes a bite* Kevin: Yeah… *takes a bite* Joe: Interesting… *takes a bite* Nick: *looks around* Sallie and I made up!!! Everyone: *looks at Nick* Denise: I knew you’d figure it out