Send Gift To Pakistan

Send Gift To Pakistan

Flowers, perfumes, electronic devices, birthday cake, toiletries, groceries are just but a few of the favorite things a person would want to receive perfect for an occasion. The sender of these things need not worry how it could get to Pakistan at the right time and in good condition. Save yourself time and effort in thinking of what to give and sending it to your love one in Pakistan. An online gifting service provider will take care of everything for you.

What You Can Send
There are seven categories that you can choose from online. From the delicate flowers to electronic devices and charity, a good online shop has everything under its roof.

1. Send Gift To Pakistan:
Express yourself in the eclectic flowers, arranged artistically for your special someone, whether you are in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. There are almost 60 flower arrangements to choose from; Cakes and Pastries for the sweet tooth in various flavors, designs and even character cakes; Imported and world class chocolates to brighten up the day; Fresh fruits in intricate baskets, mixed or one variety; Mithai are the native sweets for a nostalgic treat

2. Send Fragrances:
Love the smell of the various fragrances for that oozing appeal; deodorant perfumes for men by Axe; fashion designer perfumes for men and women by Calvin Klein, Benetton, Jennifer Lopez line or Trussardi Jeans, among others.

3. Send Food:
Gastronomic Treats from Popular fast food chains like McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut and from local restaurants such as Bundu Khan, Mr. Burger Meals and BBQ Tonite Meals; Desi Meals; Food Baskets or Food Vouchers.

4. Send Electronic Gifts:
Top of the line Cellphones; Radios; Generators; Honda Motorcyles; MP3 players and Video Games

5. Send Groceries:
Frozen food; grocery baskets; Juices and Mushrubaat; Milk and Hot Chocolates; Snacks and Softdrinks; Tea and Coffee

6. Send Toiletries:
Conditioners; Dental Supplies; Hair Colours and Styling Reagents; Shampoos; Shaving Equipment; and Shower Gels

7. Send Mixed Gifts or Combos:
For the more generous gift givers, mixed gifts are available to send to Pakistan. Your choice of combos from 2 to 6 combinations.

8. Send Jewellery:
Giving a ring or bracelet to your lady? Let the online shop of your choice do the rest.


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