“Sedgwick County Zoo and Old Town Wichita” 2olives’s photos around Wichita, United States

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Wichita, United States by TravelPod blogger 2olives titled “Sedgwick County Zoo and Old Town Wichita”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. 2olives’s travel blog entry: “So…up and at ’em early, hoping to make it to the Sedgewick County Zoo when it opens. So what does the evil iPod do when hooked up it iTunes for a quick update while we get ready? It freezes. I have a mild meltdown until I figure out how to reset it. I HATE Apple. We left for Wichita during early rush hour traffic. I had not traveled south of Gardner, Kansas along I35 South, so very quickly the landscape was new. New, but not particularly interesting at first. It was much like many of Missouri’s roadside vistas with endless views of fields and distant houses. However, the day was warm and bright with low, fluffy white clouds racing by – it is hard to complain on such a day. I relaxed, content to enjoy our drive. At 8:39 am, Kelly says, “Kansas stinks.” We stop for a potty break in Lyndon along with a charter bus full of 10 year olds. Tucked away in the bathroom stall, I laugh silently in response to a conversation between a teacher and another lady who says, “I drive a rig. My husband does teaching.” Then, as I am trying to exit the restroom, the truckdriver hikes her foot up on the sink to tie her shoes and continues to tell me about driving a rig. She must think I am a teacher, as well. I try to pass, but am unable to get by with her foot on the
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