Saying Thanks with the Appropriate Thank You Gift Baskets

Saying Thanks with the Appropriate Thank You Gift Baskets

Article by Stewart Ames

Expressions of gratitude take many forms depending on the person saying his thanks and the person being thanked for an action done – or not done, for that matter. It can be in the form of a written letter, prose and poem. It can be a broadcasted on air through various media like television, radio and even podcasts. It can be in the form of thank you gift baskets, too.

The best thing about thank you gifts contained in a basket, be it big or small, is that these can be truly enjoyed by your gift recipients instead of being just put away to one side and then largely forgotten. After all, who can resist the gift of delicious gourmet food and drinks in a basket on an otherwise ordinary day? Now, contrast that with giving gifts that the recipients may actually be uninterested in, maybe even insulted although you will not be told that to your face.

The following ideas are great items to place in a thank you gift basket. Just like giving other types of gifts for special occasions, be sure to choose the gifts based on the recipient’s interests as well as the things that you may be thanking him/her for.

Go for Gourmet

Thank you gift baskets should contain only the best things in life – gourmet food items and no other. Your expression of thanks will be ultra-special, which will make your gift recipient feel special, too.In a large basket, you can arrange packs of cracker biscuits, honey roasted nuts, garlic cheese spread, fruit candies, cream-filled pastry cookies, gourmet coffee in chocolate and cappuccino, and a few pieces of summer sausage. Then to top it all off, add a few ribbons and a short note of thanks addressed to the recipient. It’s a gift of comfort gourmet food that fills the soul and the stomach.

Coco for Chocolate

Who does not love chocolates as thank you gifts? If you love receiving the food of the Mayan gods, then so would the persons who have done you a great favor. You can make thank you gift baskets with chocolate as the main theme with foods ranging from candies to coffee.

On a rectangular basket with tissue paper at the bottom, you can artfully pile on packaged chocolate goodies like chocolate-covered cranberries, almonds and caramel corn. Then, to balance the sweetness, add wheat crackers, cheese triangles, and chocolate mints. If your gift recipient is a caffeine addict, throw in gourmet cappuccino in caramel and French vanilla flavors. If these thank you gift baskets will not make anybody want to do you favors if only to receive such generous gifts, then probably nothing else will do the trick.

Don’t be restricted with the abovementioned suggestions for thank you gifts in a basket. You can tweak the selections to include fortune cookies, chocolate chip cookies, salsa dips, nacho tortilla chips, other sweet treats. If you want, your home-baked goodies can be combined with store-bought thank you gift baskets just to add a more personalized touch. The most important thing about expressing your gratitude is to say it with sincerity – the material items are also the physical manifestations of your feelings of thanks.

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