Sarah’s Flipside

Circus artist Sarah Scheunhage exhibits a masterful collection of body movements and death-defying stunts on aerial silks, hoop and the grass. For more Sarah Scheunhage, click, and http for more cirque, parkour, martial arts, break dancing and fusion styles! Produced by Leland Tilden featuring the stunning Sarah Scheunhage and music by ninja assassin Charles Topping. Additional videography by Elliot Wellsford and Andre Kassermelli. Special thanks to Moonbean coffee in Kensington Market for having such great coffee! 2009 hilarious prank blooper spoof leaked sneak peek interview top first newest new news of and the winning one son ton. Gymnastics parkour free running traceur trickster cirque backflips on the Flipside 2009 the Flipside @ ~ tell your friends!
Video Rating: 4 / 5