Rocket Junior Plus (#M4001) and Rocket Junior (#M4002)

ROCKET MAN EUROPE WWW.ROCKETMANEUROPE.COM Mobile Drink Systems : Rocket Junior Plus (#M4001) Beverage type: Carbonated soft drinks, draft beer, wine, liquor… Capacity: 1.3 gallons 5 liters Height and width: Inches: 15″ x 12″ Cm: 38,1 x 30,5 Filled weight: 21.5 pounds 9.7 kg Sign dimensions: Inches: 11″ x 24″ Cm: 29,2 x 58,4 FAQ – frequently asked questions : Q: What types of beverage products can the ROCKET JUNIOR PLUS (#M4001) dispense? A: ROCKET JUNIOR PLUS (#M4001) is designed for carbonated soft drinks, draft beer, wine, liquor & shooters… Q: How much does it weigh when filled? A: 21.5 pounds (9.7 kg). Q: What is the capacity of Rocket Man? A: 5 Liters (1.3 gallons). Q: How are the drink products kept hot or cold? A: Each Rocket Man Backpack Drink Dispenser is lined with state-of-the-art insulation designed to maintain the desired serving temperature of any hot or cold beverage (the product must be pre-chilled or pre- heated). The amount of insulation can be increased for use in adverse climates. Q: Will I need additional accessories? A: No. It comes fully equipped with everything needed for it to work. Q: How can I put my logo on the backpack? A: Each Rocket Man Backpack Drink Dispenser can be fit with a custom sign that covers 90% of the rear surface. Or, we can make a replica of any beverage container to fit over the backpack. Rocket Junior (#M4002) : Beverage type: Hot & cold beverages (non-carbonated) like wine, liquor & shooters, coffee, hot chocolate, soup