Pittman & Davis Stop Motion Movie by Fruit Basket Review

Fruit Basket Review, www.fruitbasketreview.com a website that reviews fruit baskets (go figure), recommends baskets and gives unique coupon codes to their readers. Recently we have been making cool stop motion movies with the fruit in the baskets we review. While the pictures of baskets on websites are helpful, we all know they don’t come to your doorstep looking that way. That’s why we personally review the fruit baskets on our site so you don’t have to. We take out the guesswork of “Is this basket going to be right for ______?” We give you loads of photos so you can make an educated choice. This video is of the Grand Fruit Basket by Pittman and Davis. Our readers can get a coupon code for any purchase on their website. Go to www.fruitbasketreview.com to get a coupon code (also called promo codes or discount codes) for this basket and many others. This basket had 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit 6 Navel Oranges, 2 – 1 3 oz. hazelnut and Irish creme flavored coffee tins, 2 – 2 oz. citrus candy tins, 5 cherry cookies, 10 oz. Blackberry Preserves, 2 biscotti (Italian breakfast toast) and 2 oz. bell shaped cheddar
Video Rating: 5 / 5