NYC Restaurant Chains Post Calorie Info

PlusNYC Restaurant Chains Post Calorie InfoNYC Restaurant Chains Post Calorie InfoThe Associated PressCustomers at big fast-food chains in New York City are finally facing the facts about their meal choices. And for some, the truth may be hard to swallow. The AP’s Ted Shaffrey explains. (July 19)((New York)) Some New Yorkers had a serious case of “calorie shock” on Saturday. “I was like ‘Oh my Gosh’The city started enforcing the nation’s first-ever law requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on all menus – leaving some diners to find out their favorite food had hundreds more calories than they had thought. Violating restaurants face fines of up to 2-thousand dollars – it’s not clear how many were cited Saturday. Cathy Nonas of the city’s health department has high hopes for the new law. ((Cathy Nonas, NYC Department of Health)) “We hope this has a huge impact on obesity, and of course if it has an impact on obesity it will have an impact on diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Some of the calorie counts posted Saturday were very high. ((GRAPHIC OVER VID OF FOOD: 2330 Calories)) At TGI Fridays, this appetizer, called a Jack Daniels Sampler has a whopping 2-thousand 330 calories. “We hope the restaurant will be shamed into not offering a 2300 calorie appetizer unless they suggest 10 people share it.” ((GRAPHIC OVER VID OF FOOD ON MENU: 1110 Calories)) If you were hoping to just have a salad for dinner at Fridays, you might want to avoid this one, it’s got 1110
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