Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Every year I am getting telephone calls from folks asking me for ideas for a basket to give their mum on mum’s day.  We usually have the standard baskets in stock that we are able to suggest, like a snack basket filled with cookies and candy.  Fruit baskets are nice too.  In fact, you can get actually creative with cookie or fruit baskets, and have them prepared to appear like eatable flowers.  

Another mum’s Day standard is a basket full of lotions, soaps, gels and creams.  These types of baskets became standards because they are full of things that most mum’s like.  However , you don’t have to stay with the old standards.  You can create a ma’s day basket that’s suited uniquely for your mom.  Here are 4 fresh ideas.  

For the mummy who likes to garden : Baskets aren’t so useful in garden as a bucket or a flowerpot, so find a bucket or flower pot to put everything in.  Then add a new pair of gardening gloves, a 3 piece gardening hand tool set, you know the one with the spade, the hand rake and the spade.  Throw in a box of Miracle Gro, a bag of potting soil and round it off with bulbs.  Bulbs are great.  You can get them in many varieties, like Tulips, Daffodils, Narcissus, Iris, Hyacinths, Iris or Gladiolas.  This gift is certain to please any mummy with a green thumb.  

For the mother who loves movies : Instead of a basket, got to the local motion picture theatre and buy one of the biggest size popcorn buckets.  Then you can fill it with packages of your mother favorite brand of microwave popcorn, a 2 litre bottle of soda, a bag of candy or other favourite munchies, and her favourite old picture on DVD.  Because watching flicks alone is rarely as fun as watching them with someone you adore, be sure to include a chit which will entitle her to an evening with you watching a movie of her choice.  And to warm things up you might even include a gift token for 2 to your ma local flick theatre so she will be sure to see a new release that interests her.  Be certain to wrap all of it in cellophane and tie it off with a ribbon.  

For the Mother who enjoys cooking : Get a nice mixing bowl to hold your gift.  Then take a trip to a kitchenware store and buy some new cooking tools for your mom.  A good cook always requires a new wood spoon, and some hot pads are always nice too.  Include a book full of new recipes, or a pair new baking mixes for her to try.  You might want to incorporate a bottle of olive oil, or a bag full of gourmet dipping chocolate.  Often stores that sell specialty kitchen ware also offer cooking classes.  Make efforts to include a certificate so your mom can attend a cooking class of her choice.  Rather than wrapping this gift in a cellophane, wrap it in a pretty towel and tie it off with a bow.  

For the mother who is a die hard sports fan : Be creative with the basket.  If you mom is into football, think of using an inexpensive child’s helmet.  If she likes basketball, then a net tied closed at the bottom would serve nicely .  And for the baseball fan, a hat turned upside down, or even a bat bag.  Fill it with memorabilia from her favorite team.  A key chain, a shower curtain, a fleece blanket, a ball, a coffee mug, a t-shirt, or a teddy bear.  Make efforts to include tickets for 2 to a sports occassion close to home.  The tickets do not have to be costly seats.  Take her to a local highschool game, or a match at the closest university.  The important thing is to have a laugh together doing something she is going to enjoy.

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