Memorable Christmas Gifts for Everybody on Your List

Memorable Christmas Gifts for Everybody on Your List

Christmas is fast approaching once again and now is the time to begin planning gifts and activities during the holiday season.  Finding the perfect gift just involves keeping your eyes open, knowing what the recipient likes and finding the best deal.  That’s why planning ahead can help to make the holidays less stressful so all you have to worry about is bringing yourself and of course any family. 

Of course you are usually shopping for many different people, each of whom has their own very unique and distinctive tastes.  Personally, I find that giving personalized gifts, making homemade keepsakes or finding items that allow the recipient to pursue their hobbies and interests are always the most appreciated gifts you can give your loved ones. 

Keepsake items like:  a personalized crystal or marble plaque, single or family style coaster sets, glass ornaments for an individual or the entire family, jewelry and jewelry boxes or valet trays, leather travel bags or luggage, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, pajamas, terry robes or slippers, Swiss army knife, leather wallet, women’s tote bags and gift baskets come in a huge variety of colors, styles, sizes and themes sure to please even the most discriminating of tastes.  Plus all of these gift ideas can be personalized with names and dates, initials, a poem, a company’s logo or even a famous quote. 

Other items include but are not limited to:  coffee mugs or a thermos, can Koozies for keeping beverages hot or cold, crystal barware, glasses or decanter sets, vintage or modern looking pub signs for the home bar, sterling silver or leather business card holder, leather passport cover and picture frames or photo albums all make unique and thoughtful keepsake gifts that can be proudly displayed and used for years to come.

Personalized gifts are especially fun and unique as children’s gifts.  Children really love to see items made especially for them, later they become cherished keepsakes they will remember fondly.  Items like:  a letter from Santa, their very own book about them or about an adventure they had, baseball and glove, wooden or aluminum bat, piggy banks, blankets and or throws, room signs for both boys and girls, toys like a yo-yo or harmonica and finally you can have a sketch created of your child from a photograph or a funny caricature is also very memorable. 

Gifts can also be homemade which saves money and becomes a truly unique keepsake gift.  However for those of us who are not so creative, thankfully we can shop for uniquely crafted gifts.  Gifts like:  scented candles, blankets or Afghans, potpourri, photo albums and gift baskets can all be made at home or bought.  Plus they can all be tailored specifically to what the recipients like and their unique styles.

Other ideas are as follows:  banner or garden flags for an individual, pet or the entire family, a gift certificate to the recipients favorite store or stores, tickets to a concert or event and even etched glass plates, serving trays, bowls and candy dishes make fun gifts to both give and receive. 

Also hobby gifts like:  golfing accessories, wine gifts, hiking accessories, camping accessories, any special classes he or she may be interested in or even a hot air balloon ride or an African safari can be the best gift in the world depending on the individual.  Just make sure the African safari goes to your cousin and not to grandma who requires a walker to get around. :-)

Recipients include:  your mother and father, girlfriend or boyfriend, grandmother and grandfather, spouse, the kids, any aunts or uncles and of course any in laws and other extended family like cousins and friends.  This is why Christmas gets so stressful.  With all the plans and a tight budget, sometimes we get a little swept away.  Remember though, the gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be well liked and appreciated; it just has to fit into the recipients lifestyle and needs to be something they want or can use. 

By planning ahead you will save yourself a lot of stress, plus time and money during the holiday season.  The holidays are a time of giving, so give to everyone on your list as well as yourself this year.  By taking advantage of sales throughout the year and planning ahead, plus remembering to take some time to unwind during and after all the festivities, you will find the holidays more enjoyable, less stressful and more memorable.  Happy Shopping :-)

Angelique writes articles for helping shoppers find gifts, providing shopping tips and how to benefit from personalized gifts, promotional products, and awards.  Her work is sponsored by Wealthwood Christmas Gifts and Blog Wealthwood.