Make Christmas Holiday Gift Baskets – Wickerchina

Make Christmas Holiday Gift Baskets – Wickerchina

Article by helen

Christmas is a time to be creative, it’s a time to spread cheer, it’s a time to think of others and give from the heart. One of the best ways to buy a gift that reflects the spirit of Christmas giving is to make gift baskets that are especially tailored to the recipiant! I am going to give you some wonderful examples of personalized gift baskets.

Step 1 CHOCOLATE THEME: Can’t go wrong with this one! Chocolate covered candy, truffles, pretzles, mousse….yum! Hot chocolate, Gourmet brownies and cookies, mocha starbucks coffee bottles, and special dessert mixes! Put them into a basket with a big bow and you have a perfectly yummy, personalized, & practical gift for your chocolate lover!

Step 2 KITCHEN THEME: Got a homemaker or a chef to buy for? Here’s the perfect fix! Hit the dollar store and get wooden spoons, cute potholders and dish towels, cookie cutters & salt/pepper shakers. That nifty metal disc that removes odors from your hands…it really works buy the way, sugar discs to keep sugar soft, sponges, etc. Find some exotic spices and rubs that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves and depending on your budget, a nice set of steak knives. Put all of these items into a big basket or a container that can be used in the kitchen, like a tupperware cake container (upside down to hold everything) or a vegetable tray. This is useful and thoughtful and will be greatly appreciated by the cook!

Step 3 CAR THEME: A sure win for the car buff! Here is an easy one…you can get lots of car items at the dollar store for cheap! You can get air fresheners, cleaners & shammy cloths. You can do a lot with this depending on your budget. You could get seat covers, holders, CD’s, a cd player, a neck pillow & blanket, first aid kit, emergency items, or car soap and wax. Put them all into a bucket for washing the car and tie a big bow on it! The sky is the limit, there’s tons of stuff for this! I actually got the coolest thing for my mom last year; an emergency battery charger that’s super easy to use, I don’t even think you have to get out of your car to use it! These are totally practical and used by everyone who has a vehicle!

Step 4 FAVORITE STORE: You can buy inexpensive items from their favorite store (ie: Bath and Body Works, Victorias Secret, Yankee Candle, etc.) along with a gift card. You can get accessories, clothing items, socks, undies, belts, signature fragrances, etc. Put everything into a gift basket or a hat or something that represents the store :)


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