Make A Hit With A College Gift Basket

Make A Hit With A College Gift Basket

Article by R Lovelace

To be a big hit a college gift basket doesn’t really have to be a basket – in a box the sentiment will be just as warm. The idea of getting somethng as enjoyable as this along with some homemade cookies or other snacks is always something that college kids love.

Crazy schedules make one-cup coffee makers a good add-on for cramped dorm rooms. Always a handy way to start the day and for a late night workout with the books. Having instant hot water is a good deal for lots of quick fix drinks.

We know how popular and important it is to keep the brain sharp for those study sessions so maybe you want to include a few other items like cocoa, tea and power bars in that gift basket as a way to keep the brain working past midnight.

And of course something from the cookie jar – everyone has a favorite. Oatmeal and peanut butter are two that rate up there with the traditional chocolate chip. And then there a some popular store brands like the classic Oreo that fit naturally into a college gift basket. It’s never a problem shipping items like these; they pack easily and will be instantly welcomed.

There are many other things you can add to college gift baskets besides coffee and cookies. Adding a handmade card can be quick way to pass along a thought-felt message and a little gossip. Let your creative side loose with 4×5 card and some things cut from magazines. Try your hand at newspaper comics with new word balloons for giggles.

Be ready for craft projects by dedicating a drawer to paper punches, rubber stamps and colored markers. Make a file of wacky pictures by going through old magazines before you toss them. All of this can be great fun and far better than you can probably find in the store – certainly more personal and original.

It’s all good fun and hard to beat when there is someone wishing they could be with folks back home. Put your college gift basket thinking cap on and see what come up with.

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Give that college student a taste of home. College gift baskets are a great way to reach out to those away at school. More ideas for coffee gift baskets for college