Love Hurts Episode 8

Love Hurts Episode 8 — Coming back? Miley and Tess best friends for NNNNever? Find out the truth now. -With Kevin and Lily- Lily- Wow, that was…. Kevin- Fast? Lily- yeah.. Kevin- Well at least we’re official now *smiles* Lily-…….uh huh. *half smiles* Kevin- Well we weren’t staying long. Did you want to stay here another night? Or just go home? We can go on a honeymoon but we didn’t pack anything so we need to get back to pack at least. Lily- Let’s just go home. -with Aubrey and Nicole- Nicole-.. I told you Aubz. Aubrey- That cheating– Oh I’m getting him back. *turns around* Can I have an Ice Coffee? Worker- yes you may. Hold on one second *prepares the coffee* Aubrey- Thanks *pays* — Hey Jake Jake- *looks up and pulls away from some girl* …Aubrey? I thought you were shopping with Nicole.. Aubrey- Oh so when I go shopping that gives you the right to date around? Jake-..uh…uh… Aubrey- …we’re through *spills the ice coffee over his head and walks away* Nicole- Nicely done Aubrey- *tears in her eyes* …thanks. Nicole- Aww come on girly don’t cry because of him, he isn’t worth it. Aubrey- ..whatever. I’m going to go back to our dorm *tears start running down her face* Nicole- Alright… Bye. *Aubrey walks away* -with Joe and Katie- Joe- I can’t believe how irresponsible he is! Katie- Joe.. What are you talking about? Joe- Kevin! He and Lily went to Vegas to get married. Katie- WHAT? Joe- Yeah, he’s so — I don’t even know. Katie- Wow. I’m completely shocked