Lotsa Surprises in Company Gift Baskets

Lotsa Surprises in Company Gift Baskets

Article by Andrew Beene

Finally, my boss has approved my leave form and now I can go home and celebrate post Christmas and New Year with my parents, brother, nephews, nieces, etc. He even gave me two company gift baskets from the stock of freebees we distributed to the media during the last press conference that we organized before the holidays.

Since working for this reputable marketing firm in Canada, I had to settle for weekend calls and daily emails to my family just so I would feel close to them despite the great distance between us. This setup is fine by me if my consolation would be a Christmas vacation in Portugal, but my hopes and dreams dwindled as I celebrated Christmas Eve with paperwork in my apartment. Truth is, I had prepared a long list of gifts for my family but it was too unfortunate that I wasn’t even able to set foot on the mall.

Now as I fill my bags with clothes, I look at the wine gift baskets from the Canada firm that has gained so much from my skills and from which I’ve also benefited and realized these stuff make for perfect presents. Think I’ll call up my group mate who was in charge of the favors in last December’s press con.

Wow! Had I known it would be so easy and cheap to have candy gift baskets in Canada shipped to our hometown, I wouldn’t have spent so much time worrying. I’m sure my nephews and nieces will love a colorful basket of Cracker Jacks, Goobers, Jelly Belly beans, and other sweet stuff accompanied by a cuddly teddy bear. I’m thinking about having fruit baskets in Canada delivered to mom because she’s a fruit lover, but on second thought a metal embossed planter teemed with yummy treats like gourmet coffee, nougat candies, fruit candies, Lindt truffles, and whatnot seems more appealing. I’ll get dad a chef’s basket as I’m sure he’ll find everything in it useful for his gourmet cooking. For big brother Corky, a vintner gift basket will definitely drive him gaga.

Humming to John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane, I dialed home to inform everybody I’ll be flying back in four hours.

Home looks so different from the way I remember it five years ago. Wait a minute, why is it so quiet? I hope they didn’t go someplace as I’ve advised them of my arrival. The door is open but….

“WELCOME BACK!” everybody shouts with a sweet note on a big banner. This is the time when everybody exchanges hugs and kisses. Corky is on a wheelchair, however smiling. The family tells me he got into a car accident last month but they didn’t want me to worry being so far from home, so nobody breathed a word during email exchanges.

Oh man, I should have secured get well baskets for him instead of the vintner had I known his condition. Then again, buying is a mere click!

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