iPod Stands by ZcatStudio

As many of you out there I own an iPod to listen podcasts and music, watch videos, etc… I carry mine everywhere and as many of you, I have become very fond of this little marvel of technology. I have equipped my studio with a pair of computer speakers and subwoofer that I plug into my iPod while I am crafting and I put my iPod nearby, on my desk, wherever I can find some room in the middle of my crafting mess. More than once it came close to know the taste of coffee or become a colored iPod when accidents happened. I decided to look for a stand on the internet and all I could find was, to my taste, bleak, cold, office like stands and I wanted something special, vibrant with colors, personal and whimsical to display my iPod so I came up with the idea to make one with one of the medium I use for my craft, polymer clay. I made another, and another….they can be found for sale at: www.etsy.com or visit my website: web.me.com Thanks