How to Plan Ideal Corporate Gift Baskets to Market Your Business?

How to Plan Ideal Corporate Gift Baskets to Market Your Business?

Article by Roxie Smith

Corporate gifts are great contributors in building strong relationships with business associates and clients. The idea can be further extended to corporate gift baskets that can be considered as significant business tools. What makes the business gift baskets popular is the fact that they can be customized to meet your business-specific marketing needs. Moreover, the gift baskets given as corporate gifts can be prepared from generic items and can still leave that mark of impression. Here are some exclusive ideas to customize and present the corporate gift baskets.

Top Corporate Basket Gift Ideas

*Gourmet wine and cheese corporate gift baskets have been one of the earliest ways to build strong business relations.*Office stationary gift baskets can consist of items like notepads, stamp pads, pens and pen stands, paper weights, file covers and other items.*Glassware gift baskets are appreciated as wonderful corporate gifts to impress your business clients.*Sports gift baskets, especially those based on golf themes, are also popular as corporate gifts.*A gift basket consisting of gift certificates like health club memberships, museum tickets and passes to upcoming concerts can also make a unique corporate gift basket.

When to Present Corporate Gift baskets?

Corporate gift baskets can be presented on different events and occasions that are of great importance from a business point of view:

*Festival celebrations like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving as well as New Year parties can be considered as right occasions to present corporate gift baskets.*Annual company functions and company trade shows are other eligible events to think about corporate gift baskets.*Presenting gift baskets on the launch of new products and services is again a wonderful idea.*Business achievements and success on getting a new business project are among other celebrations for giving away corporate gift baskets.

Making Most Out of Corporate Gift Baskets

In order to make the maximum out of the corporate gift basket ideas, you can think of giving a personalized or customized touch to them. Here are some ideas in this direction:*You can print your company information like name, contact address and website information on various items included in the corporate gift baskets.*Company logos and taglines can also be engraved on the items collected in the gift baskets.*A note of appreciation can also be included in the things you want to print on the corporate gift basket items.

Business Specific Ideas

Corporate gift baskets can be prepared on the basis of business owned by you. For instance, if you are involved in bakery business, cookies and coffees can be considered as wonderful items for preparing a gift basket. Similarly, a publishing business house can think of including items like calendars and stationary items in the corporate gift basket.

Corporate gift baskets can help you reinforce business relations with old clients and also, build new relations with prospective clients. In fact, these business gift ideas have become instant success as effective marketing tools among small as well as big corporate houses.

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