How To Give A Great Gift and Save Money Making A Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket

How To Give A Great Gift and Save Money Making A Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Gift Box Themes and Things

If your budget is stretched yet you want to make Mother’s Day still a special day for your mom, homemade gift baskets are the perfect treats. It is easy to do.  All you have to have is a little creativity to pull off the most memorable and nicest gift basket for your mom. Unlike conventional readymade gift baskets where everything is just piled up, homemade gift baskets can be personalized. The things you put inside the box can be customized as per your mom’s likes, personalities and hobbies.

To start with, you need to know what type of basket to use. Again, this should not be hard to choose. You have many options to base it with. Let us start with how your mom is. If she is more of a nature lover, wicker baskets would be the perfect pick. If she is more of the modern type of mom, you can use cute mugs, tin cans or one of those reusable plastic containers. If your mom is more of the classic and sophisticated ones, try boxes or containers with a glassy or porcelain material.

If your budget is really stretched, do not worry. You can make your own basket. As a said, all you need is a little creativity. There are numerous containers that can be reused in your house. For instance, your old shoe boxes, cookie jars, large mugs, pasta bowls, baby bath tubs, Tera cotta pot, lunch box and even your own bag can be a container. Then think art. Decorate these containers with your mom’s favorite colors. You can use art papers, news papers, handmade flowers and more. You can go wild with the decoration or be simple with it, your choice.

Next think you need to think of is what to put inside your box. An empty can be cute, but it would be lovely if it is full of mom’s favorite stuffs. Now, there are hundreds things you can put inside your box, but then again based if from what your mother would like to have, or how she is a person and her hobbies too.

Here are different gift box themes and things you can put inside your box.

Book Worm Mom

If your mom loves books, you can give her newer books to read. Your box does not have to be filled with her favorite collects. Try giving her those that she has not considered reading of. Books that are inspirational, that awaken the spirit and books that can give her a new hobby would be a great new collection for mom. You can add more things to your gift basket too like candles. This relaxes and calms your mom as she reads. Put in her favorite coffee brands and cookies that she can enjoy while reading. As a finishing touch, reading can be tiring, why not toss in a neck pillow. This will surely surprise your mom and definitely will love.

Travelers Mom

Mothers are not always housewives; some may need to work and would travel a lot. If this is type of your mom, then your options for your bags are unlimited. Things that she might need when traveling are towels, travel guide books sun block, shades, zip lock bag, ear plugs, water containers and a lot more. Travelling can be tiring, it can sore your mother’s knees and back. A medicine kit with her favorite painkiller ointments or patches like salon pas is a must. All these items will be a thoughtful treat for your mom.

House Moms

Being a housewife is the hardest profession a woman can have. It is a 24/7 job, with no day off and no 13th month bonus. There are different gift items that you can put into your box to pamper your mom. If she loves cooking, you can place baking and cooking tools in her box. You can put measuring cups, her favorite spices, pot holders, aprons, wooden spoons and toss in her favorite recipe books. If your mom has a hobby like sewing, you can place a lot of colorful threads, polyester yarns, cloths that she might use and beads.  Whatever your mom’s hobbies are, she would sure appreciate more tools and materials for her to use.

Always on the Go Moms

There are those active moms with active jobs like being an engineer, a news reporter, a business oriented mom and all those other hard labored jobs. These moms need motivation and a lot of energy to carry on their days. One gift item that you can put on your basket would be energizer drinks like coffee, chocolate drinks or tea. Give them something to wake them up and boost their energy. Toss in multivitamins too. Nothing can be more soothing than having a massage after hard work, give your mothers those conventional electric face and back massagers to ease their pains.

Techy Moms

Children are not the only persons who loves technology these days, mom too. For her basket, you can put in new cell phone case for her black berry, a camera holder, an accessory for her PSP and computer mouse for her laptop. There are different tech gadgets and items you can toss in for mom. If you want to add more personalized touch, place in the latest issue of her favorite tech magazines.

Vanity Moms

These are classic and sophisticated moms that you think might be hard to please with simple homemade gift baskets. Then again, simple things are most valued and treasured. These moms are those have everything that they wanted and need. You can think out of the box for them for a change. Memory boxes are the safest. You can place memorable pictures and things that if sees will put a smile on their face. You can also place personalize items that she would greatly appreciate like a personalized perfume, mugs or even towels.

Whatever you may put inside the basket, do not forget a simple thank you note or card to show sincerely how grateful you are to be born and raised by your mother. How many items you may place or how simple and lavish they may be, what counts is the effort and thought you placed in them. A basket full of good treats and a heartfelt given basket will surely overwhelm your mom on Mother’s Day.

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