How to Avoid Becoming a Basket Case over a Coffee Gift Basket

How to Avoid Becoming a Basket Case over a Coffee Gift Basket

What gift says that you care about the coffee aficionado in your life better than a gift basket filled with coffee and coffee-making paraphernalia? Sending a coffee gift basket is now almost as popular as sending gift baskets filled with other consumables. The very idea of coffee itself conveys the flattering idea of refinement and gentility, coupled with diligence and a creative mindset.

If your creative bent is strong enough, you can of course assemble the gift basket yourself and make sure that your excellent selection of gourmet coffees comes with a personal touch. However, with good coffee commanding premium prices, it may be more cost-effective for you to order pre-packed coffee gifts from gourmet or premium coffee suppliers. A coffee gift basket from suppliers like these gives your coffee connoisseur friend or relative the opportunity to sample a variety of gourmet coffees. Hopefully, they’ll share some of it with you, especially if the basket contains premium items like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee!

So, getting a gift basket filled with coffee sounds like a surefire way to please a coffee fan, right? Despite anyone’s best intentions, this sentiment may not hold true all the time. As desirable as premium coffee may sound, gifts of this sort may be wasted on someone who is strongly set in his or her coffee-drinking ways. You won’t get someone to switch to Colombian peaberry coffee overnight when their all-time favorite is a Sumatra dark roast.

Conversely, if the intended recipient is indeed open to trying different types of coffee, ensure that they aren’t already members of gourmet coffee-of-the-month clubs. Giving a friend a coffee gift basket in such instances may overwhelm them with more coffee than they can drink! So, discreetly you find out if your gift will be appreciated before splashing out that cash.

When you’re looking for the ideal gift for a coffee-loving friend, make sure to pay attention to the quality of the coffee included. This should be the main attraction of any gift basket and not be overshadowed by nonessential items such as coffee cookies or candy. In fact, if the ad you’re looking at places more emphasis on the beauty of the basket, intricacy of the wrapping or even its chocolate coffee spoons, it’s a sure bet that the coffee is included only as an afterthought. Steer clear of such gift baskets and look for those that focus on the coffee and nothing else.

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