Homemade Snack Gift Baskets: 3 Ideas for Making Just the Right Gifts

Homemade Snack Gift Baskets: 3 Ideas for Making Just the Right Gifts

Possibly the only thing more fun than giving a great gift basket is to make one yourself, then give it away. The great thing about baskets is the sheer variety of choices you have for making each one into a unique creation.

You can make or buy baskets as gift that meet just about every taste, hobby, and preference; you can also find one that is appropriate for someone of any age or occasion. The reason for this is because you can fill them with almost anything you can imagine. And, the possibilities for decorating them are literally infinite.

The bottom line: whether you choose to make your own or buy one, a great gift basket is the ultimate treat. If you become particularly good at making your own, you could make them into your signature gift among your family, friends or co-workers every time a gift-giving occasion arises.

If you are looking to create homemade snack gift baskets, here are 3 ideas for making just the right thing:

1. Game day sports basket:

When football, baseball, hockey or basketball season roll around, many families or groups of friends enjoy getting together to enjoy game day as a group. Whether it is a tailgating party or just watching it all on your big screen TV, good food is always in order. A game day sports basket can be filled with goodies like nuts, popcorn, pretzels, and cheese snacks. Wrap it up with cello wrap and a bow and you have yourself a pretty awesome gift.

2. Taste of Italy basket:

Italian food makes a great basket filler because it is almost universally-loved. Also, many of the ingredients are non-perishable, such as dried pastas, jars of sauce, and jars of appetizers like artichoke spreads. Of course, if you plan to give the gift soon after getting it, be bold and add in other foods like bruschetta crisps, baguette sticks, and Italian cheeses. They are sure to love this treat!

3. Coffee & tea lovers basket:

Coffee & tea remain the perennial favorite of people the world-over. Both coffee and tea transcend ethnic, gender, age, and class lines – everyone loves a good hot cup of their favorite caffeinated (or de-caffeinated) beverage. Your coffee & tea lovers basket can include packages of premium coffee or tea, cafe latte mix, amaretto cookies, chocolate wafer cookies, and biscotti. Yummm!

Consider these 3 ideas for making just the right homemade snack gift basket for those whom you work with, care about and love.

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