Harmony House Dehydrated Vegetables Deluxe Sampler Pack

This is a Survival Podcast quick initial review of the Harmony House Deluxe Sampler Pack with 28 Varieties of vegetables, TVP, bean and legume products. Each pack is 1 cup in volume and most reconstitute to about 2 cups of volume when dehydrated. Retail price for this pack was 69.95. I will continue to experiment with the contents and try various recipes with it. The zip packs contain approximately 1 cup of each of the following: Vegetables – Broccoli Flowerets – Green Cabbage – Diced Carrots – Sliced – Celery – Whole Sweet Corn – Green Beans – Jalapeno Dices – Tangy Green & White Leeks – Chopped Onions – Green Sweet Peas – Red & Green Mixed Bell Peppers – Diced Potatoes – Spinach Flakes – Tomato Dices – Tomato Powder Legumes – Lentils – Split Peas – Red Beans – Black Beans – Navy Beans – Great Northern Beans – Dark Kidney Beans – Pinto Beans Textured Vegetable Protein – Beefish Bits – Chickenish Bits – Hamish Bits – Taco Bits – Chickenish Chunks You can find this product at bit.ly This is a great product for experimenting with various options for long and mid term storage foods and for developing various trail and back packing meals. Make sure to visit the Survival Podcast for our daily podcast on prepping and self sufficiency at www.thesurvivalpodcast.com