Great Ideas for Personalized Wedding Favors

Great Ideas for Personalized Wedding Favors

One new trend in weddings that is gaining in popularity, is the giving of wedding favors to the guests as they arrive for the event. It is important to bear in mind that when it comes to wedding favors, it is truly the thought that counts. This means that one should always stay within their budget and try to give clever favors that the guests will remember the wedding by.

Everyone Loves Candy

Of course candy always makes a great gift and stores such as Sees Candies sell small sampler boxes that everyone will enjoy, so you might want to go that route. Another great idea is coffee cups that commemorate the wedding and there are now ceramic shops that produce this type of item.

You Can Always Go Green

“Green” is in now, so you may want to come up with something that speaks to that. Hemp seed oil hand cream or soap is a great gift idea that all of the environmentally minded guests will love. Another gift along this line that you might want to consider is small instructional manuals on how to lessen an individuals “carbon footprint”.

Make a Donation to a Good Cause

Another great idea is to make a small donation in each guests name to an environmental group such as Greenpeace and give each of the guests a card made from recycled paper, informing them of this fact. Another great organization to make a donation to in each guests name is the local SPCA.

Pick Something that Everyone Will Like

What ever you decide on, you should give it lots of thought. Also, talk it over with someone whose opinion you trust, because you really do want your wedding favors to be a success. The last thing that you want to hand out for wedding favors is something that you may be crazy about but everything else isn’t, such as black licorice, figuratively speaking.

Written by Georgia Donaldsen. Find the latest information on Wedding Favors as well as Inexpensive Wedding Favors