Great Gifts For Kids: Gift Baskets

Great Gifts For Kids: Gift Baskets

Article by Denise Sanger

Gift baskets are great way to give themed gifts to kids and teens. You can figure out a wide range of options to give them something that they will like. At the same time you have ultimate control over how much you spend. Choosing a theme allows you to purchase items related to your theme from a variety of locations, and you can even include a gift card as part of the basket if you would like. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The Basket.

The perfect place to start with a gift basket is the basket itself. Many people go with a basic wicker basket, but if you choose another option it is likely to have a use later on. You can choose a square basket so it can easily be placed on a shelf with items in it, you can choose a small tote for the toys to be stored on (to make it really cute and open wrap it with cellophane with the lid on the bottom), or choose another container that will be used. The container can be a gift in itself, like a tool apron, totebag or hat.


Little Kids.

Young kids are often easy to buy for. Get your basket, tote, or tin and fill it part way with “grass” or shredded paper. You can also place a small blanket in there on the bottom to hold the items up. Consider cars, plastic animals, bath toys, and balls for themed gifts for boys. Girls will like dolls, dress up items, and age appropriate jewelry. You can also do mixes of items. Consider a small stuffed toy, color crayons, a coloring book, another book option, and a small toy. You can choose items related to a theme, like “baseball” or “kittens”, or a favorite movie or character. No matter what you choose, make sure that the items you choose are safe for little ones.

Bigger Kids.

As the kids grow it may be harder to find inexpensive gifts that will make great gift baskets. Choose sports related items, a “farm” such as an ant farm, tadpole pond, or other kit with small live critters, or outdoor toys for the boys. Inflatables usually fit into a gift basket (as long as you don’t blow them up first). Girls will enjoy make up (even if it is pretend), nail polish, and things that will make them feel grown up. You can also do a craft basket that is likely to be a hit for both girls and boys. Or go with a goodies basket that has candy, cocoa, and other good stuff for the winter time. No matter theme you choose, start shopping early-any time you spot an inexpensive item that will work for your basket, purchase it and put it aside…when it is time to assemble your basket, you will have plenty of items on hand.


As your child grows it gets harder and harder to satisfy them with gifts. Things are no longer simple. A handful of inexpensive toys usually isn’t going to cut it. Now you have to think bigger while thinking little. Fear not, you can figure out your budget and fill your basket that way. Consider movie lovers baskets with a movie or two and a gift card to the theater. If you want to add some special things pick out a poster from their favorite movie or aim for a small movie watcher memento. You can also do music lovers with CD’s, earbuds, music gift certificates and more. Coffee could also be a good one (if your teenager enjoys coffee). Fill a pair of mugs with tasty treats and offer a wide range of coffee options to them, including a gift card to a favorite coffee spot.

Often times the key to an excellent gift basket is to think outside the box. Start with a unique “basket” that will make a great container and will still have a use after the present has been opened. Add in a little stuffing to fill the basket. Then choose items that the receiver will like. Have fun with it and try to tailor it to the person you are giving it to.

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