Gourmet Food: The Perfect Gift

Gourmet Food: The Perfect Gift

We all know someone who has it all. The person you leave for last on your gift list because you can never think of a suitable gift for him or her. That’s where gourmet food comes to the rescue.

It’s a great gift for anyone, all you have to do is cater to their taste buds. And, since food is something that gets used up, you can keep giving more for each holiday, it will always be appreciated.

Choosing the Right Gourmet Food

It really helps to know what your gift recipient likes and doesn’t like when you’re choosing food for them. It would be in bad taste to give canned swordfish to a vegan activist, for example! If you don’t know the person well enough, you can ask someone close to them for ideas.

The best food baskets will contain things that people wouldn’t normally choose or buy for themselves. Things like caviar, smoked salmon, exotic fruits or specialty olives all make for interesting food gifts and gourmet chocolates are rarely unappreciated.

Time periods can be a fun gift for someone special. If you know someone who grew up in the 50’s, for example, why not give the gift of memory with as many candies from that era that you can find? While not precisely gourmet, it does make a wonderful present.

Another option is to go with a specific geographical location. For someone interested in Italy, you could put together a basket with Italian sausages, exotic pasta and other themed items. Likewise, a Canadian basket with some authentic maple syrup and flapjacks mix would likely be very welcome to a homesick Canadian.

There are a lot of different types of gourmet food available, so the difficult part is making the selections. Often, where gourmet foods are sold, you’ll find pre-assembled food baskets with themed contents. This option might be a little cheaper than putting together the entire basket on your own, though that is certainly an option. A pre-made basket or gift box of gourmet food can also save you a lot of time if you are running last minute errands or simply missed an occasion.

A Year Round Gift

Gourmet food isn’t just something to be given at Christmas. While a nice gift box is ideal for the holiday season, there are so many more uses for it. Literally any occasion goes with an elegant edible gift. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

A hostess gift for a party could be a selection of cheeses and gourmet crackers works well for this occasion, as do chocolates or truffles.

Get well baskets of chicken soup or an assortment of jellies and jams can be ideal for someone recovering from an illness or accident.

An assembly of exotic meats and cheeses, along with a nice bottle of wine, makes a wonderful wedding gift. Surprise your favorite college student with a gift of favorite candies or some fancy hot chocolate mixes. A romantic gift of chocolates or other sensual treats can be a good make-up gift for a lover or a spouse, as well.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to use gourmet food as a gift item. It’s actually very helpful to keep a couple of small gift baskets with some items such as chocolate or coffees on hand in case you are invited to a birthday or find that you’ve forgotten an event. It will save you quite a bit of time and stress, trying to find a gift at the last minute.

Finding and Packaging Food Gifts

You might not be lucky enough to encounter what you’re looking for at the local grocery store. In fact, you probably want to avoid things that are commonly found in supermarkets. Your gift will be that much better when you present the recipient with something they can’t find locally.

Ordering online is probably your best bet, or finding a specialty store in your area. Most people find that the ease of ordering online is far more convenient and it can also be a good way to send something to someone in another state, simply by changing the mailing address.

Choose the items that you want to include in the gift basket and package it yourself, or buy a pre-packaged gift box. To make it look more original, you can even take an existing pre-packaged basket and redo it yourself, adding a few personalized touches.

Use your creativity when putting the gift together and you’ll find that it is even more appreciated. Finding a unique method of presentation and adding in some little extras to make the gift more than just a basket of food is what will set your present apart from any others received.

For the budding chef in your life, a selection of exotic cooking ingredients like truffle oil, vanilla beans and spices is a good choice, tucked into a baking dish along with an apron or dish towel. Or perhaps you know a gardener who could use a new pair of gloves, along with a variety of sundried tomatoes and herbs, all presented in a new garden pail. The careful attention to details here is what will really make the gift something special to the recipient.

The best gifts are given unexpectedly, not just for Christmas or birthdays. You can really let someone know how much you appreciate them by simply presenting them with a gift for no particular reason. And what better way to do that than with a specialty food that they’ve been dying to try out?

Gourmet food truly is a great gift to give any time of year. Whether you are putting together a special, personalized basket for that certain someone in your life or just preparing a simple box for a coworker or client to show your appreciation, food is never a bad gift. Especially not when it’s something rich and decadent that the recipient would really enjoy, but probably not buy for themselves.

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