Gourmet Coffee Gifts

Gourmet Coffee Gifts

Coffee lovers enjoy receiving gourmet coffee gifts no matter what time of the year. All too often people automatically think of flavored coffee, but to the coffee enthusiast a gourmet coffee gift can be so much more than a flavored coffee. In fact, some coffee aficionados consider adding flavor to coffee a no-no and would rather have a deep dark coffee.

To help you in your quest for gourmet coffee gifts try thinking outside the norm and you can come up with some great ideas. Your coffee loving friends are sure to thank you.

Gourmet Ideas

Starbucks gift cards or gift cards for any coffee shop like Dunkin Donuts make great gifts for the coffee lover. They are versatile in that they allow the user to purchase coffee, espresso or even a sweet treat. Gift card are available in any amount and can usually be refilled by the recipient if they want to keep using it.

Personalized thermal coffee mugs are another great gift for the coffee lover on your list. You can find mugs that they can personalize themselves or you can gather up pictures and have one personalized for them. These are available at coffee shops and online anytime of the year.

A French Press makes a unique and interesting gourmet coffee gift. With a French Press the coffee lover can make a single cup of exquisite coffee I no time. They typically come with a double insulated mug and are dishwasher safe. Some coffee experts argue that there is no better cup of coffee than that made in a French Press.

Along the same lines, you can purchase a stove top espresso pot. These wonderfully convenient pots make one to two servings of piping hot espresso at a time. Available for about they make wonderful gifts that keep giving all year long. Your recipient will be able to make espressos or coffee based drinks anytime they want.

If your coffee loving friend happens to work in an office you can get them a coffee mug hot plate. This handy gadget keeps their mug of coffee piping hot and ready to drink for as long as they leave it on.

A pricier gift but worth it for a true coffee lover would be a coffee roaster. These are relatively new to the market but are becoming more and more popular. They can roast their coffee beans to suit their individual taste buds.

Along the lines of individual taste buds is the one cup at a time coffee makers. These great coffee makers use individual coffee pods that are available in a variety of flavors and roasts. Everyone in the family can brew their own individual cup of coffee just the way they want it.

Coffee club memberships are another hot item that is growing in popularity in the coffee world and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Usually available in 3, 6, or 12 month increments, coffee club memberships are a wonderful way to give a variety of gifts all at one time.

Coffee grinders are also another great gift idea for coffee lovers. With so many wonderful coffee beans to choose from these days, a coffee grinder is almost a necessity. Choose one that is heavy duty and will last a long time.

With the wide variety of gourmet coffee gifts available on the market today, your coffee loving friend doesn’t’ have to receive the same gift basket that you sent last year. With so many unique items to choose from you just might find yourself putting together your own gift basket to send.

Sharon V Chapman writes on the joys of coffee and provides information on gourmet coffee gifts for Gourmet Coffee Guide – http://gourmet-coffee-guide.info.