Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets: The Perfect Gift for Any Coffee Lover

Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets: The Perfect Gift for Any Coffee Lover

Gift giving can be a daunting, even nerve racking task. How do you decide what to give your office secretary or your best friend who has everything? If they drink coffee then why not give them a gourmet coffee basket? You can purchase one online or at your local gift shop or you can make it yourself and add your own special touch.

Gourmet coffee baskets are wonderful gifts to receive. They typically contain an assortment of flavored coffees and cappuccino’s, sweet treats to enjoy with the coffee and much more. Before you start putting together your gourmet coffee basket, assemble your items.


* Basket – this can be any size you want as long as it will hold the items

* Basket Fill – to make the basket pretty use a colored shredded filler. This can be purchased or you can shred your own using a shredder and colored paper.

* Basket Wrap – your local arts and crafts store should carry clear wrap made for baskets that shrinks to fit the basket when heated with a hair dryer

* Coffees:  Your local grocer or gourmet shop should carry a wide variety of flavored coffees. You can usually get them in sample sizes. Get as many as you want for the basket.

* Creamers: A fun addition to the basket, you can get individual sized flavored creamers in liquid form that do not need refrigeration or you can purchase powder forms in flavors as well.

* Sweetener: If you find flavored sweeteners, they make a unique addition to the basket; however they are not widely available. Some online coffee retailers carry them.

* Coffee Mixes: There are many companies that carry coffee and cappuccino mixes, for example General Food International Coffees. These make perfect gift basket additions.

* Sweet Treats: Everyone loves sweet treats, especially with their fresh, hot coffee. Biscotti can be found individually wrapped for adding to the basket. You can also purchase specialty cookies and individual sweet cakes.

* Flavored Stirrers: If you really want to make this basket a treat, make some flavored stirring spoons to add to your basket. These are simple to make and really make your basket stand out.

To make flavored spoons – Melt dipping chocolate. Dip plastic spoons into chocolate. When dry seal in small candy bags (available at your local craft store). Your friends will be delighted with your creativity.

* Mugs: What coffee basket would be complete without a pretty mug to enjoy the coffee from? Choose the mug based on the recipient. For example, a coffee gift basket for the teacher might include a mug with ‘Teachers are Special”, for the golfer you might find a mug shaped like a golf ball. This makes the basket uniquely theirs and show you put thought into making it.

* Book or other novelty: Add something special to the basket. If you know the person likes to add a novel or daily devotional. They can enjoy a cup of coffee while they read their new book.  Or maybe they like music. Toss in a relaxing CD. These are just ideas, this is your gift, and you can spend as much or as little as you want.


To assemble your gift basket, fill the bottom of the basket with colored filler then situate your heaviest items in the middle. Arrange other items creatively around this item. Wrap in the shrink wrap and secure with a bow.  Your basket is now ready for giving to your favorite person.

Gourmet coffee baskets make thoughtful gifts for the coffee enthusiast in your life. You can be as creative as you want to be or you can order one pre-made. Making it yourself assures that you are happy with the arrangement, either way, it is sure to be a delightful gift.


Sharon V Chapman writes on the joys of coffee and provides information on gourmet coffee gift baskets for Gourmet Coffee Guide – http://gourmet-coffee-guide.info.