Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket – Is fit you?

Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket – Is fit you?

Article by Katarina

A lot of people love surprises, especially when they come in the form of gifts for the premium coffee lover. Gourmet coffee as gifts has become as classy and chic as wine gifting. To give the right type of gift to the right type of coffee drinker is important else your gift will be stashed away for good right after delivery. So you really must know the type of beans are preferred, type of drinking habits as well as how the coffee is brewed. You need to know how particular the person with his or her brew, from the gourmet coffee beans to the brewing process to savoring that aromatic cup.

Essentially, before you think of the type of premium coffee gift baskets, find out subtly their quirks as well as preferences, and learn all about it. This will help you to converse more articulately when you converse and thereby making the gift more relevant and sincere.

Take for instance some people prefer to make their own coffee with a French press coffee maker. This is a rather strange looking cup with a press and used the manual pressure and steam of hot water to brew the coffee, to ensure that prefect cup of gourmet coffee. The flavor is stronger and more aromatic than using the normal drip coffee marker, as the latter is created more for convenience than for taste. That said, there are indeed a lot of drip coffee makers which gives immaculate taste but the cost may not justify it as gift.

More importantly, you need to specifically know what type of gourmet coffee the person loves most, as preference is a very personal taste. Once the palate is cultivated and addicted to the taste, any other type of coffees would be deemed inferior or unacceptable. Some can get rather fixated on their particular blend. Take for instance, once you have tasted Arabica coffees, you might have a different opinion on the Robusta. But then again, not all Arabica coffee is superior. In addition, ensure that the label states all Arabica beans and not simply a blend, as blends often do not provide consistency in taste.

So educate yourself well and you will surely impress your loved ones with the right gourmet coffee gift.

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