Gourmet Business Gift: Chocolates Aren’t Just For Valentine’s Day

Gourmet Business Gift: Chocolates Aren’t Just For Valentine’s Day

Article by Vivica Fredericks

People think that a gourmet business gift should only be given for special occasions. In fact, they can be bought and presented as a gift to a boss or set of work colleagues for any seasonal or business gatherings, such as Christmas and Hanukah functions at work, Easter holiday gatherings, summer picnics, a complement a business presentation, or even a New Year’s celebration.

A business colleague, client, boss, or board of directors will be appreciative if you can provide some delectable gourmet food gifts. This could even mean that they’ll remember you when promotion and pay raise time come around!

When you’re trying to choose just the right gourmet business gift, the idea is to pick one that is appropriate to your place of work or company you are giving it to. If can’t decide what kind to get, then you can get gourmet samplers that usually have a small variety of hand-made delicacies. You can also include these as a small part of a larger gift basket or hamper. Hampers are a great idea for Easter and summer functions. They can include a large range of different types of food that can accommodate many different types of palettes.

One gourmet business gift idea to consider is specialty chocolates. These are an especially great gift for a board of directors, or any group of people who work together. Instead of having to buy individual gifts for each member of the group, gourmet chocolates can be shared and enjoyed. They are usually packaged in individual pieces, making it easier for larger groups to share without any fights over who is going to take your great gift home! This shows that you care about the company and the people, and will make your gift remembered for some time to come.

There are a multitude of flavor combinations when you are considering a chocolate gourmet business gift – or even a gift for yourself! For instance, gourmet chocolates can be made with fruits, nuts, coffees, teas, herbs and spices.

Do you want to give a chocolate gift with a little kick? Try spicy chocolate flavors that feature chipotle, cayenne and chili powder. Or how about an after dinner chocolate with rum and cola, pina colada, or amaretto? Butterscotch brandy will make your mouth water for days to come! The possibilities are nearly endless.

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