Giving Gifts to Your Employees

Giving Gifts to Your Employees

Article by Samantha Forest

If you belong to the corporate world, you would agree that giving uniform gift philippines to your officemates is a smart and practical thing to do. It will not only save you time trying to think of what to give to your co-workers, it will also save you money as you can always buy gift philippines in bulk. You can even go one step further by personalizing their gifts with their names. There are many companies who offer services like that, most especially for corporate items or gifts.

Giving unique gift philippines is the challenge. One must think beyond the usual pens, bookmarks, calendars and figurines which just add clutter to one’s workstation. Besides, these gifts usually are lost and forgotten quite easily. If you are the boss in the office, you would need to give gifts that would motivate them to work harder yet still show a sign that you appreciate their efforts at work.

Here are gifts which your employees are sure to appreciate:

1. Cash. Employees will always appreciate any addition to the money they will bring home to their families. If they get salary bonuses during Christmas, you might consider handing out cash incentives for people who perform exceptionally well, as motivation for other people to step up their performances too. Common incentives are for people who are never late for work, haven’t had any absences for the whole year, have consistently hit work targets, have been willing to work over time when needed, etc. 2. Gift Baskets. Like cash, employees will always appreciate anything that they can bring home to their families. Food baskets, especially those specially made for preparing the Christmas meal, are always a hit with employees. 3. Raffles of big-ticket items. If you hold annual Christmas parties, you might consider holding a raffle of items such as gadgets, furniture appliances and vacation trips to your employees. 4. You can also give them small items which they can use in the office. Try giving them a coffee mug with their name on it. Doesn’t everyone appreciate having coffee in the morning before working? And if they don’t drink coffee, they can use it as pen holder in their desk. Giving out USB flash drives is a modern idea. Branding it with your company name is also a nice way of promoting your company. This is a good idea if your employees need to bring home work from time to time. It also would prevent them of giving you an excuse of not turning in reports because they left it at home.

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