Give Coffee Gift Baskets For Special Occasions

Give Coffee Gift Baskets For Special Occasions

Article by Tanya Robbins

Have you ever thought of giving gourmet coffee gift baskets for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, etc.? You have to admit, it’s kind of hard to find presents for people nowadays because everyone is diet conscious; yes, myself included. So food gift baskets that contain stuff like chocolate and cheese are out. Of course, you can always send flowers and I like to do that too. However, after getting several flower gifts from you the same folks can sort of guess what they’re going to get for the next special occasion.

Well, I don’t like to be predictable. So once in a while I will think of something unique or a bit different to give the people that I care about for their special day. A gourmet coffee gift basket is one of them. Just about everyone loves coffee, especially something that’s different than what they drink everyday at home or at work. Imagine brewing a gourmet coffee and savoring the aroma. All coffee lovers will be in heaven. So keep that in mind as you put together the coffee gift baskets.

Of course, you can purchase ready made ones but it’s really quite easy to make some yourself. It’s just a nice gesture to send a personalized gift that you make yourself, and the receivers will surely appreciate it. For instance, you can assemble a selection of your favorite gourmet coffees and perhaps include a couple bags of tea and some spices to add to the coffee like cardamom or even dark chocolate to shave into it. Then add some ribbons and a card before you send it off.

I have given coffee gift baskets a number of times and have not heard from anyone that didn’t like them. To the contrary, they all loved them and some of my friends even sent me coffee gift baskets containing their favorite gourmet coffees in return so that I could taste them.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on what to give others when the time comes to find those presents for special occasions which sometimes is rather hard. Gourmet coffee gift baskets never fail. At least in my experience.

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