Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Romantic Gifts for Coffee Lovers
Many people like coffee but some love it to distraction.  These coffee connoisseurs know the brands that they like or the store that makes the best coffee.  If you are looking for gifts for your coffee lover, here are a few ideas.
1. Coffee Mugs
There’s nothing better than a steaming cup of hot coffee in your favorite mug.  Give them several mugs to choose from so that no matter which mug they use, it is a good one that will bring a smile to their face with each sip.  If they like a certain brand, order coffee mugs with the company’s logo for the coffee lover in your life.

2. Membership to a Coffee Club
Some coffee lovers really enjoy trying new flavors.  One of the best ways to do so is through a membership in a coffee club.  Boca Java is a coffee membership club that offers new flavors each season.  They provide fresh ground coffee or whole bean depending on the subscriber’s preferred tastes.  They ship every four, seven, or twelve weeks.  If your coffee lover doesn’t like the membership they are free to cancel at any time.

3. Coffee Machine
Nothing says love to a coffee guru like a new coffee machine.  Get him or her the latest machine that does everything.  There are brew stations that make cup by cup of coffee or a certain number of cups.  You can purchase a machine that grinds the beans before it brews or, give them an espresso/cappuccino maker to enjoy drinks at home when they doesn’t feel like heading out for their favorite cup. 

4. Coffee Gift Basket
Gift baskets are like Christmas every day.  They can contain several gifts in one package.  You can purchase a gift basket online, in a coffee store, or come up with one of your own.  For those who like a variety of coffee, don’t forget to add several bags of their favorite flavors.  Add a cute coffee mug, some flavored spoons and creamers, etc. Including shirts, pens, and other items that cater to his or her coffee cravings will help them to remember your gift with items that are useful beyond just the coffee itself.

5. Flavored Spoons and Such
Sweet treats are a complement to just about any cup of coffee.  Flavored spoons that are covered in chocolate and other flavors enhance the coffee, not to mention they are fun too.  Instead of powdered creamer, offer the coffee lover tasty flavors like caramel crème and French vanilla for his or her first morning cup of Joe.

Coffee doesn’t have to be boring anymore.  If you love a coffee lover, make their experience of drinking coffee special with a few choice gifts like the ones above.

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