Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

Gift Ideas For Co-Workers

Article by Jnet

Giving gifts at the office has been a tradition to most companies, regardless of what industries they are in and their size. This is a genuine practice to show appreciation towards employees, especially to those who deserve to be awarded for a well done job. Traditionally, trophies and plaques are given to the deserving people as a form of appreciation, with printed name and award on them. Giving such award to colleagues will make them feel important, boosting their morale and making them strive more for the goodness of all.

Giving gifts to a deserving co-worker may require a bit of planning. Since he/she may not really be a best friend, the first thing you want to think of is the price of the gift. Spending money for a gift for someone can be overwhelming, so make sure to set a budget first before buying anything. If your budget only allows affordable options, then the best way you should do is to go to your nearest bargain store.

Co-workers are people with whom you spend most of your time during working days, so basically they are somehow close to you. When choosing gifts for them, don’t only look at the price, but also check the quality. Having a limited budget doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any choice but to pick a low grade item. Take some time when finding gifts for your co-workers so you can compare prices as well as check the quality. After all, it is not always that price that matters most, but the meaning behinds every present.

Additionally, you also have to follow the rules or policies when gifting your co-worker (if there’s any). Some companies set limitations as to how they can only spend when gifting employees. If your company has such, just simply follow it to avoid misinterpretation or awkwardness between you and your recipient. However, if you can’t afford to see yourself giving just a simple gift to a colleague who happens to be a good friend of yours, the best way you can do is to present it outside the office. As much as possible, avoid gifts that are too personal, and if you are giving gifts to a group choose the same item for everyone or if not, at least they are all in the same price range.

Here are some popular gift suggestions that are good to give as gifts for co-workers:


One of the most popular options you can give to your co-workers is a basket filled with various edible treats. This festive basket may include chocolates, cakes, wine, cheese, cookies, tea or coffee. A gift basket can also make a perfect welcome gift to a newly hired officemate. Moreover, if you need to gift a group of people in your company, a nice gift basket can suffice them. This way, you don’t need to purchase individual token for each of them.


A magazine subscription is also another option you may consider. Any magazine that is relate with your work or profession is a great choice for a deserving co-worker. A magazine subscription is actually not that so expensive, and often are collector’s items that your recipient may start to collect as too.

Other choices of gifts you may consider include business card holders, desk clocks, desk picture frames, pen holders, bookends, paper weights, letter openers, desk organizers and other desk accessories.

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