Gift Baskets for Graduates – Commemorate Their Achievements

Gift Baskets for Graduates – Commemorate Their Achievements

A wonderful way to celebrate this special milestone is to create a gift basket personalized just for the graduate. When you put forth the effort to make a gift basket, instead of purchasing a gift, it indicates how much you cherish the person receiving the gift.

There are many ways to personalize graduation gift baskets. While you may not know all of the recipient’s preferences, here are some questions that may help you get some ideas. What are the recipient’s hobbies? Do they enjoy sports, music, movies, or reading? What are their future plans? Are they about to embark on the working world?

Are you looking for gift ideas for a high school graduate going on to college? Start by selecting a container that will be useful such as an organizer, a basket that can be used to hold personal items, or even a small decorative trash can. It’s important to use filler materials in your container to hold the gifts in place. In addition to purchased shred or straw, you can also make your own filler. Use old music sheets, maps, or school-related papers and shred them in a paper shredder. Choose one gift item that is a keepsake of his or her graduation; a photo frame, paperweight, jewelry, etc., that is monogrammed with their school name or year of graduation. Center this item in the container and surround it with useful items they can use at college. If you have empty spaces, fill them in with tea bags, gourmet coffee, or envelopes of hot cocoa or soup mixes.

Another option is to use a laundry basket as the container. Fill it with towels, sponges, paper products, detergents, dryer sheets, bars of soap, and other necessary items. Include a roll of quarters for the laundromat.

For the graduate who has completed his education, gift items that relate to his future would be greatly appreciated. Select a book that would be helpful in his chosen career and place it in a basket with desk accessories and a coffee mug for his desk. A young lady would enjoy a gift basket filled with bath and body products.

If the graduate is planning a vacation in the near future, put together an assortment of travel related items in a canvas tote bag; guide books, maps, travel size toiletries, travel alarm clock, a travel mug, etc.

The reality of gift giving is that your gift should be a token of your appreciation for the recipient, or congratulations for his or her accomplishments.

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