Gift Basket Ideas To Make Christmas Giving A Breeze

Gift Basket Ideas To Make Christmas Giving A Breeze

Gift cards are not the last word in gift-giving. For a higher degree of creativity and personality, gift baskets can be the perfect solution. Easy to assemble and personalize to the recipient, a gift basket is an experimental playground for occasions, whether the need is for the holidays, a birthday, or even an end-of-year gift for a teacher.

The first step to assembling the gift basket is—you guessed it— the basket. Most craft stores sell a wide variety of baskets made of wicker, wire, or plastic, and in a wide palate of colors to suit any theme. Another resource for baskets is the secondhand store; chances are the local thrift shop has shelves full of wicker baskets for use by the gift-giver on a budget. For a personal touch, a can of spray paint can work wonders; silver or gold paint over a wicker basket adds a pretty shine to a holiday present. (Make sure to take necessary precautions to paint safely.)

The next step to assembling a special and personal gift basket is choosing the contents. This is the giver’s opportunity to showcase creativity, to coordinate the contents to a theme, and to demonstrate a knowledge of the recipient’s taste. The possibilities are limitless. Consider some of the following ideas for your gift basket:

Coffee and Tea (In airtight containers for freshness)
Candy (Try the recipient’s favorite in a cellophane bag)
Books (Many come in tiny pocket editions perfect for this kind of gift)
Ornaments (An obvious compliment to any Christmas gift set)
Music (Thoughtful and sweet, a mix CD of music you chose for the recipient is a great choice)

These ideas are meant to be a starting point for the basket, a point from which it can be further personalized to the recipient; there are countless more options that cater to the person’s taste. For a woman who wears jewelry, a pair of earrings may be an choice; maybe a cousin would like a Swiss Army knife or a fancy personalized lighter. This is your opportunity to be creative and show how well you know the person who will be receiving your gift basket. Also, consider varying the sizes of the items; a larger item, like a pound of coffee, surrounded by a spread of smaller pieces will help your arrangement look deliberate and keep your gift basket from looking thrown together.

You can start making the arrangement when the basket and its contents are chosen. A filler item, like shredded paper, in the bottom of the basket makes the pieces look nestled, lifts them up so they can be seen, and keeps them in place so it doesn’t just look like a basket of tossed-in stuff. Make sure the labels face out. Add finishing touches for presentation. While some people finish up the decoration with a cellophane covering or a bow, many just decide to leave it as it is.

These are all simply helpful suggestions—the point is to express yourself. Just be creative, be thoughtful, and a beautiful gift basket will practically make itself.

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